Check out our Year 2 topics below:

Sept/Oct - Play Pals

Nov/Dec - Toy Story

Jan/Feb - Long Long Ago

Mar/Apr - Lets Explore

May - Flash Bang Boom

June - Ready Steady Go

Our first day in Year 2

Play time

We made play parks out of some recycled materials. I think we did a great job!

We drew self portraits using mirrors.

We made treasure hunts for our friends to follow and enjoyed getting the treasure at the end.

We went to the Castle Play Park to investigate pushing, pulling and gravity.

Gortin Glens Stickman Trail

Catapult toy experiment

We predicted and tested out different materials to find out the best material to make a handle and the best ammunition for a catapult toy. 

Santa Run 2023

The day Santa came to visit in a helicopter...

Dino Discovery

Year 2 pupils went on a dino discovery around school. They explored and searched the area for clues in groups and discovered clues. When they discussed their findings, they had to write to persuade Miss Foster which dinosaur they thought had been in our school. Excellent investigation and writing skills everyone!

Year 2 Verse Speaking Competition

Well done to all the boys and girls who took part in the verse speaking competition. Everyone performed their poems extremely well for Rois from Much Ado Stage School and she was impressed by the high standards in the class. A special mention to the cup winners Sophie, Hollie and Jack who share the cup for 1st place in Foundation Stage.

World Book Day 2024

Pirate Day arrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Creativity Week

The Easter bunny arrived...