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Venue: Year 2 classroom

Date: 29/11/2022  2:30pm

Topic: January event

School Council

Our School Council is a group of pupils who are elected to act as the official voice of all the pupils.Our motto is 'ONE VOICE, TOGHETHER,OUR VISION'.  We believe that it's hard for one person to make changes.  We all work together and or school council give pupils one voice!

All pupils in Years 4-7 have the opportunity to put themselves forward to become a school councillor and represent their class.  With an awareness of what the job involves, qualities and skills needed they can present their manifesto to their class.   Class elections are held and all children have the opportunity to vote.  The girl and boy in each class who have the highest amount of votes becomes their class representative within the school council.  New school councillors are announced in a special whole school assembly and displayed on the school council display board.

Councillors go to school council meetings and take part in discussions.  The councillors elect a chairperson, secretary and time keeper.  The chairperson runs the meetings and the secretary takes the minutes, with the time keeper ensuring that all meetings are focused and within time constraints.  the link teachers are available to provide advice and guidance where necessary.

Councillors bring the views of classmates to the school council meeting.  They also let their class know what was discussed and share feedback.

Councillors listen to the issues of pupils in years 1 to 3 and bring these to the school council meetings to discuss.  The school councillors let them know what they have been doing and share their fedback.

Break the Rules day

On Friday 14th June we held a Break the Rules day in school for everyone to enjoy. Lots of boys and girls had fun with competitions, games and activities including board games, eating crisps and juice in the staff room, wearing pyjamas and slippers, sitting on the teachers chair and bringing an unhealthy snack. 

Congratulations to Robin in Year 1 who guessed the teddy name ‘Barney’ and runner up Ellie in Year 4. Well done to Karter in Year 3 who had the closest guess to 188 sweets in the jar. Thank you to the parents who supported us today. 

Europa League finals 2024

Well done to the 64 boys and girls from Key Stage 2 who took part in the Europa League football tournament on Friday 15th March. Everyone had good fun playing in the group stages and 4 teams made it through to the finals on Tuesday 19th March. These teams were Sporting CP (Year 6) Jessica, Lexi, Bella and Katie, Toulouse (Year 7) Skye, Ana-Lee, Faye and Heidi, West Ham (Year 7) Noah, Jenson, Riley and William, and Brighton (Year 6) Masyn, Ollie, Seth and Jamie. All teams played with great effort and determination and a special congratulations to the winners Sporting CP and West Ham. There was a lot of football talent on display by both boys and girls during this tournament.

World Book Day 2024

Most creative dress up costumes

School Council members


Congratulations to Amber, Harry, Seth, Ava, Lexi, Faye, Matthew, Tyler, Alfie and Ellie on becoming our new School Council members for this year. We know that you will listen to your class members and make school a better place for everyone.

On 20th December 2022 the school council organised a Santa Run for all the classes.

Pyjama and Onesie Day February 2022

Thank you to everyone who gave money towards our fundraising day for Epilepsy Action and school funds. A grand total of £511.20 was raised altogether.

Guess the name of the giant teddy bear - Fozzie - winner Carter.

Guess the name of the snow leopard bear - winner Scarlett, runner up Lily and Lexie.

Guess the name of the dog bear - winner Jessica, runner up Mollie and Miley.

Guess the number of gummy bears in the jar - answer 672 - winner Tyler with a guess of 683.

Well done to the School Council members Abigail, India, Caleb, Emily G, Emily C, Brooklyn, Katherine, Ollie and Lexi for all their efforts during the week collecting money and serving out drinks and breakfast snacks on the day. You were all amazing!

School Council and Eco Council Litter pick - 22nd March 2022

"How can I help you?"
"How can I help you?"

We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and discussing them at our next meeting.