Verse Speaking

Throughout the school year pupils from Year 1 to Year 7 have opportunity to take part in our annual Verse Speaking competitions.  Each class has a different poem and children are encouraged to learn it and perform in-front of their peers as well as an adjudicator. This helps build upon pupils self confidence and performance skills.

Huge thanks to Rois from Much Ado who had the joy of listening to so many poem performances! She enjoyed the story telling and the use of voice and facial expressions.

Well done everyone! 

Foundation Verse Speaking  -  January 2024

A huge achievement to everyone in Foundation for taking part in our annual Verse Speaking competition.  In Year 1 our poem was called 'The Cat with a smile ‘ and the Year 2's poem was titled 'When Susie’s eating custard’

Medal winners

Year 1

.                              Year 2

.                   Foundation Cup Winners                                                    


Key Stage 1 Verse Speaking - January 2024

Congratulations to everyone in Years 3 and 4 for participating in our Verse Speaking competition.

Year 3 poem was called 'Soggy Greens’ and Year 4 poem was called 'The Wrong Start’

Medal Winners

.                                Year 3

Year 4

                           ...Key Stage 1 Cup Winners


Key Stage 2 Verse Speaking - January 2024

Well done everyone in Key Stage 2 for showcasing your talent in our annual verse speaking competition.  In year 5 the poem was called 'My Grannies’ Year 6's poem was ‘Friends, and the Year 7's poem was titled 'The Flattered Flying-Flying Fish’


Medal winners 

.                         .       Year 5    

Year 6

Year 7


KS 2 Cup winners