Verse Speaking

Throughout the school year pupils from Year 1 to Year 7 have opportunity to take part in our annual Verse Speaking competitions.  Each class has a different poem and children are encouraged to learn it and perform in-front of their peers as well as an adjudicator. This helps build upon pupils self confidence and performance skills.

Foundation Verse Speaking  -  November 2018

Well done everyone in Foundation for taking part in our annual Verse Speaking competition.  In year 1 our poem was called 'A chubby little snowman' and the year 2's poem was titled 'When Susie's eating custard'

Medal winners

Cup winners


Key Stage 1 Verse Speaking - November 2018

Congratulations to everyone in Years 3 and 4 for participating in our Verse Speaking competition.

Year 3 poem was called 'The Alien' and Year 4 poem was called 'The Wrong Start'

Medal Winners

Cup Winners




Key Stage 2 Verse Speaking - February 2019

Well done everyone in Key Stage 2 for taking part in our annual verse speaking competition.  In year 5 our poem was called 'My Grannies,' Year 6's poem was 'Friends' and the year 7's poem was titled 'My Teacher took my ipod' 


Medal winners 


Cup winners