School Aims

Our aims at Edwards are:

  • To develop each child spiritually, morally, intellectually,socially, emotionally and physically, so tthat by realising their potential they can have an appreciation of their self worth as technologically competent lifelong learners
  • To provide a happy, caring, stimulating and imaginative school environment in which there is a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum, which fulfils statutory requirments adn sevelops skills which are progressive across the key stages
  • To access each child's potential, to monitor progress and provide opportunity to develop this to the full.
  • To develop the ability to work independently and as a member of a group so the child may develop tolerance, respect, resourcefulness, self-confidence and responsibility towards other people, their views and possessions.
  • To develop a home-school co-operative so that children cand benefit from their teachers and parents working  as partners in their education.
  • To establish and maintain acceptable forms of behaviour within a secure and well-ordered school environment by encouraging self-discipline.
  • To maintain effective links with the post primary schools.
  • To have a harmonious and transparent working environment in which all staff have the opportunity to contribute towards formulation and developing school and curriculum policies whilst developing their own expertise with regard to the growth of new teaching materials, resources and classroom practice.