Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is comprised of nominees from EA, Transferors from Church of Ireland as well as two elected Parent Representatives and an elected Teacher Representative.

Mr R J Montgomery (Chairman)

Ms E C Robinson (Secretary)

 Member Position
 Mr D Williamson Transferor from Church
 Mr R Clarke Transferor from Church
 Mrs I Barclay Transferor from Church
 Mr N Henry Transferor from EA
 Mr A Crawford Transferor from EA
 Mr J Smyth Parent Representative
 Mrs C Beggs Parent Representative
 Mrs N Donaghy Teacher Representative


Overview of Roles & Responsibilities of a School Board of Governor

The Education Orders for Northern Ireland place a legal obligation on Boards of Governors to carry out certain tasks.  The Scheme of Management addresses these issues in further detail and should be consulted when necessary.

The Curriculum

It is the duty of the Board of Governors to:

  • Ensure that the curriculum of the school satisfies the requirements of the Education Order.
  • Determine and keep under review its policy in relation to the curriculum of the school and keep up to date a written statement of that policy.
  • Take account of the finding of any inspection of the school.
  • Consider any representations made to it regarding the curriculum by the education board, CCMS or any other body or person connected with community served by the school.
  • Consult the Principal of the school before making or varying the statement.
  • Ensure that Religious Education is provided.

Open Enrolment

It is the duty of the Board of Governors to:

  • Make arrangements for the admission of pupils to the school.
  • Draw up admissions criteria.
  • Ensure that the school's admissions number is not exceeded.
  • Ensure that the school's enrolment number is not exceeded.
  • Comply with the directions of an Appeals Tribunal.

Other Responsibilities

  • Preparation and approval of the school development plan and the associated financial plan.
  • The appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Other personal issues - discipline and grievance procedures, redundancies, dismissals, making internal promotions.
  • Inspection and maintenance of school premises.
  • Drawing up school policies - health and safety, charging, discipline, homework, pastoral care.
  • Approving procedures for managing privately raised funds.
  • Promoting community use of school premises.
  • Monitoring the LMS budget.

Full details of the Roles and Responsibilities of Board of Governors is on the DENI Website.