Year 7


Sixth Form Leavers' Assembly | Teaching Resources

Leavers' Assembly


We plan to have our Leavers' event on Wednesday 26th June at 9:30 am, in the Assembly Hall. At the moment we are unsure how long this will take, but anticipate between 1.5 - 2 hours.  This will include performances from your children and a presentation of awards. Refreshments will be provided, therefore I would appreciate having a rough estimate of how many people will be in attendance (3 per child at the moment please.)  If and when you know, please email or send a message with your child. 

Sincere thanks,

Mrs McKeown

Creative Writing


This week's literacy homework is to write a creative story, using one of the prompts below.  You must pay attention to your use of capital letters, commas, full stops and spelling.  I require you to introduce new ideas/information with paragraphs. 

This homework is due in next Wednesday 29th May.


Travel Brochure

This week, as part of our topic on 'Life is  a Journey,' there is an ICT/Literacy homework. You should use the internet to locate New York on a map of America and research how long the journey should have taken in 1912. Then I would like you to investigate what advertising brochures looked like in 1912.

You should then use ICT (or pen and paper if preferred) to create and design a persuasive brochure for the people travelling to New York on the Titanic, describing the cost of a ticket, the route and the facilities on board the ship.  In addition, you might like to advertise what they might see when they reached New York as tourists.

This homework is due in on Monday 20th May.


File:RMS Titanic Ad April 10, 1912.jpg - Wikipedia

In preparation for the transition to secondary school, I plan to change the way homework is set to make it more in keeping with secondary schools.  I will try to ensure that homeworks are appropriately short when due the following day, The numeracy today is due tomorrow and the literacy is for Friday. Pupils should bring their homework diaries each day.