Year 7 Parent Page


Fairtrade Powerpoint Homework


Your homework this week is to research for, plan and design a Powerpoint.  The theme is our new topic, Fairtrade.  The Powerpoint should be at least eight slides long, including a title slide and contents slide.  Your ideas should be presented on the planning pages provided.  You will then use them to create your Powerpoint during ICT lessons.  Each final Powerpoint will be presented to Year 4, 5 or 6, so should be designed with the age group of 7-10 in mind. 


Include the most important details that you want to talk about in the text box on your planning page.  In the images box you can either sketch out your ideas, or scribe ideas about the images you will download.  Make a note also of the colours you will use. It is important that your finished product is visually eye-catching in order to appeal to your audience.


Powerpoint planning should explain what Fairtrade means and include: details about the logo and what it represents: a variety of Fairtrade products and the countries they come from: the history of Fairtrade, why it was created and who it benefits: it could also include an interactive quiz at the end.  Think about the images you will use and how you will make it engaging with the use of animation and transitions.


This will form part of your ICT assessment where I will be looking at the design and detail in each slide, the way it is crafted using Powerpoint tools and the way in which you present to others.


Your planning pages are due in on Friday.