Year 2

We are in Year 2, come and see what we get up to!

Our Year 2 topics:

Autumn Term:                     Spring Term:                      Summer Term:

Play Pals                              Long Long Ago                   Flash Bang Boom

Toy Story                            Lets Explore                    Ready Steady Go


Play Pals

We made thank you cards for our friends.  'Thank you for being my friend'.

Year 2 had a go at writing instructions for a treasure hunt in the playground.  We gave our instructions to a friend and they followed the map to find the treasure.  Everybody found the treasure at the end!

Put yourself in order from the tallest to the shortest.

Who is the tallest? Who is the shortest?

Well done to Year 2 for taking part in the Spellathon challenge.  We learned 10 spellings and everybody got them correct.  Wow!

We made spider buns for a maths lesson.  Count 8 legs.  Count 2 eyes.