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Remote Learning Online

Monday 1st March

Welcome to our last week of remote learning for two weeks.  We are very excited that our children will be returning to Nursery next week.

Watch this space!

Our paper plate portrait slideshow will be coming soon when all portraits are returned to Nursery.  I have seen some fabulous photos so far.  Our children have been really creative.  I can't wait to share your photos.

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

We hope you have had a lovely 4th birthday Charlotte.  We look forward to celebrating your birthday with some cake, when we all get back to Nursery next week.

The Gingerbread Man Game

click here to go to the game


You can choose...




Remember to select numbers 1-10.  If you find this too difficult select 1-5


Monday 22nd February

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of learning packs.  As mentioned in this weeks learning sheet here are the bean bag and Kim's game activities.

Bean Bag Song

 Listen carefully to the instructions and enjoy balancing your bean bag.

click here to hear the song

Monday 8th February 2021

Have a look at all the amazing work our fantastic Nursery children have been doing at home.  
Making bird feed, counting, sorting, scissor skills, scarf throwing and catching.

Week 4

Monday 1st February

Welcome to our 4th week of remote learning!

I am so pleased to see all the amazing learning going on at home.  Thank you parents for all your hard work in supporting, encouraging and guiding your child through their Nursery activities.  Please know that every little thing you are doing is of great benefit to your child.  You are doing a terrific job!

This week we will be thinking about the polar regions and in particular recognising different polar animals.  Do you know any polar animals?  You may even learn a new name or two this week!

Arctic Animals PowerPoint

  What arctic animals can you see?

click here to see the PowerPoint

5 Little Polar Bears PowerPoint

Can you say the rhyme and count the polar bears?

click here to see the PowerPoint

The Girl Who Went to the Arctic

Goodbye for now my little polar explorers! 

I hope you have fun with ice this week.  Please send me a photo of you doing the ice activity.  I hope you enjoy using the pipette or syringe I have sent home.  You are welcome to keep it, so that you can play with it whenever you like.


Remember you can email me any time jwarnock107@c2ken.net

Mrs Warnock 

Monday 25th January

Thank you and well done to every one of our Nursery families, for all your great work so far, keep it up!  I have added some slideshows of the photos sent to me over the last two weeks, for you to enjoy. 

This week we will be thinking about "Birds in Winter"  Do you know any birds names?  Do you know what birds look like?  What do they eat?  Where do they live?  In the winter birds may find it difficult to find their own food and I'm sure they will love eating the bird food you will make and put out for them. 

Have a look at what we were up to last week...

Puffy paint, pattern making, threading, baking, pairs game and

colouring in.

I am also delighted to see so many boys and girls having fun in the snow!

What did you enjoy doing last week?  Can you see your photo?  Can you see your friends? 

What have your friends been up to?

  Jacob and Rosie have been learning our poem "A Chubby Little Snowman"  

I am sure you will agree, they say their poems beautifully!

We love your actions Rosie.

You did a great job - Well Done!

A great loud, clear voice Jacob.

You are fantastic!

Two Little Dicky Birds

click here to hear the rhyme.

Can you do the actions? In Nursery we would change the names of the dicky birds,

why not say the rhyme using your name and Mum/Dad/brother/sister/Granny/Granda/etc

Teddy Numbers

click here to play the game

We are learning to count with accuracy and recognise the numerals 1-5.  Select game - Numbers up to 5  and practice your accurate counting to 5.  If you can do this move on to numbers up to 10 and numbers up to 15.

Robin's Winter Song

click here to hear the story

Enjoy this beautiful story about robin and his first winter.  Robin is learning all about the the changes that happen and he even makes new friends as he explores.

Goodbye for now boys and girls!  I hope you enjoy making your bird food and enjoy watching the birds coming to feed.  I wonder will a robin come to eat it? 

I look forward to seeing a photo of you with your bird food this week.


Keep up the great work!

Mrs Warnock



Monday 18th January

Hello everyone, welcome to week 2 remote learning online.  I have created some links I hope you will enjoy online this week.  Thank you to everyone who has sent me photos.  They really have made me smile and brightened my week!  Please continue to send me a photo (or more if you wish) each week, thank you.


Mrs Warnock

Have a look at what we were up to last week...

Pencil control, colouring in, maths challenges, winter hunt and playdough snowmen

While we are unable to enjoy our activities together in Nursery, have a look at what everyone has been doing at home.


watch this space- slideshow of playdough snowmen to follow soon 

Snowmen at Night

Shape Patterns

We are learning about "patterns."  You can play this game at level 1, to practise making a pattern with two repeating items.  

Sticky Kids

During our Wake and Shake sessions in Nursery "Sticky Kids" songs are our favourite.  Get up and moving to one of our favourite songs "Let's go walking." Listen carefully to the words, follow the instructions and have fun.

Good-bye for now everyone!  I hope you enjoy all your activities.  Remember to send me a photo or photos.  You are welcome to keep the winter threading activity and continue to practise at home.  I would love you to return your colouring in and scissor skills work next Monday.  I would love to see what you have done.

Thank -you!

Have fun and keep safe

Mrs Warnock

Bye Bye                  Bye Bye             Bye Bye            Bye Bye            Bye Bye

Monday 11th January

 Hello boys and girls!  I am really looking forward to using this page to keep in touch with you throughout lockdown.  I hope to share resources and internet links for you to enjoy. 


I am also looking forward to hearing all about your learning at home.  I will miss  your faces at Nursery every day and seeing your photos will mean so much to myself and the Nursery staff.  I especially await a photo of your learning activity each week.  I will share the photos on this page each week for you to enjoy. 

My email is jwarnock107@c2ken.net

Mrs Warnock

Our topic is...

Build a Snowman Online Game

 What do you like to put on a snowman?   

Have fun dressing your snowman in this online activity. 

click here to build a snowman

5 Little Snowmen Fat Rhyme

Practice your counting back from five by joining in with this fun counting rhyme.

click here to hear the rhyme

All About Winter PowerPoint

What kind of weather do we have in winter?  Have a look at the winter PowerPoint to learn more about winter weather.

click here to see the PowerPoint 

Bye bye for now!  I hope you have fun doing all your activities at home.  I hope you enjoy colouring in your snowman, doing your maths challenges and winter hunt.   I can't wait to see your playdough snowmen creations.  You are welcome to keep the laminated pencil control page and whiteboard marker.  Each Monday you are more than welcome to send to Nursery any drawings, writing, painting or cutting out that you have done at home.  All the Nursery staff would love to see them!


Remember my email is jwarnock107@c2ken.net

I can't wait to hear from you!  

Bye bye boys and girls!

Edwards Nursery Unit September 2020

Look at us!

Going out on the bikes, trikes, scooters and wheeled vehicles will develop our leg muscles and strengthen our bones.  We are improving our stamina, co-ordination and balance.  We are having lots of fun while we do this important work!

October/ November 2020

Our topic is Dear Zoo

Click here for the story

Can you join in, saying the words?

We have been counting to 5 in Nursery.  We enjoy singing counting songs and our new favourite is "Alice the Camel has 5 Humps"  You can practise counting at home too.

Click here for "Alice the Camel has 5 Humps"

Have you ever wondered why we do not focus on writing when your child embarks on their Nursery year? 

Look at the differences between a typical younger child's hand (left) and an older child's hand (right).  Their hands (and brains) are still developing and are not fully formed.  So what should they be doing to support this?  PLAY -playdough, building towers, cutting, gluing, playing outside, digging in sand, sensory play, threading, puzzles, throwing balls etc...  All of these things help develop fine motor skills, co-ordinating the small muscles in our hands and fingers with our eyes.

Have a look at us developing our fine motor skills...

Autumn Fun

Twinkle Twinkle

We are so busy! There are so many Christmas activities to enjoy in Nursery.  
Nursery is the best place to be at this special time of year!




”Our First Nativity”

We have been learning all about the very first Christmas.  We have been reading the story and we have been acting it out.  

We performed our nativity for everyone online.  We worked really hard to learn our songs and lines.  I’m sure you will agree that we all look fabulous dressed up and everyone is very proud of us!