Year 7 Learning from home.

Please note new date for the notification of post primary placement letters is Thursday 4th June 2020.  In the event your letter does not arrive, please contact the school email: to receive further assistance.

Well done to Harry, Luke, Lily and Andrew Mc. They have all received certificates from Healthy Kidz for all their efforts practising for Sports Day. We are very proud of you. Keep it up!!

Tuesday 26th May 2020

Hi Everyone,

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend. This is the final week in May already. We trust you have been trying to do some of the activities we have set for you. We don't expect you to do everything - just do what is appropriate for you!  Thank you for all the pictures and emails you have been sending. Please keep sending as we love to see and hear what you are all getting up to!! Continue with your daily mile and your sports day activities.

Don't forget to send in any remaining videos by 29/5/20. Thank you.


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 Miss Roke extra numeracy
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World Around Us

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A little note from Gareth our IFA coach.

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Have a good week everyone!!

Happy 11th Birthday GIFs | Tenor

Wishing Zara a happy birthday on the 24th May!!

Love Miss Roke, Miss Reid and your classsmates.

Look at the yummy smoothies and milkshakes the year 7 pupils are making.

Extraordinary Art

by the Extraordinary Year 7!!

Can you work out which two animals were used to draw their pictures?

Titanic Art

Well done to Harry, Reece, Natasha, Luke, Oscar, Alex and Lily for your Titanic artwork!! Your pictures look amazing!!

Thank you for sharing with us.

Great advertising. Well done!

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Year 7 Tributes to the NHS and Key Workers


By Logan

School has closed down recently

My sisters rather glum

People are panic-buying toilet paper

That seems rather dumb!

At least I get to stay at home,

Until mum makes us have our homework done!

They say there is this illness

People are acting ridiculous!

Mum is being meticulous

We have to wash our hands

The government is putting on bans

So if you want to protect your own

Stay safe and stay at home.

Thank you to all the Year 7 pupils who sent work to thank the NHS and Key workers.  Your work shows great kindness. Well done!!!

Year 7 Baking Delights!!!! 

Thanks to everyone for sending your photos of your yummy numeracy work!! Looked like everyone had fun and made some very tasty treats for the family!!

Fabulous Job Clipart

A big thanks to the Year 7 pupils who have been sending us their amazing work and letting us know what else they've been up to!! We love seeing how you're getting on and knowing you are keeping well!!!