Year 7 Learning from home.

Monday 29th June 2020

It was great to see you and speak to you all on Friday. A huge THANKS for all your gifts, cards and kind words. It was so generous of you and your parents. We hope you treasure all your memories of your primary school. Sadly, your time at Edwards has come to an end but the next stage of your educational journey will be starting soon. May we wish you all the very best for the future and we hope you do well in your next school. Take care, stay safe and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Donaghy   Miss Roke.   Miss Doherty     Miss Reid 

Thanks Harry for your final pieces of work. Well done!!

WOW!! Such a kind and thoughtful poem written by Harry.

Thank you!!!

CLASS   OF   2020

We have been together for 7 years, Sharing our hopes, dreams and fears.

But in March, we were sent home to stay, Learning online was our new school day.

We made rainbow pictures and went out to cheer,The key workers protecting those we hold dear.

What should have been a time for celebration, Became a time of worry and isolation.

But what we have learnt in a time like this, Is what's truly important and the friends we miss.

It has not been the final year we had hoped, But we're amazed at your strength and how well you have coped.

Hold on to the memories that we have shared, Remembering friends and those who cared.

The class of 2020 will hold a place in our hearts, For the courage you've shown from the very start.

You have carried on regardless during this period of change, And continued on when things were strange.

You're moving on to somewhere new, Filled with the confidence you need to see you through.







Monday 22nd June 2020

Hi Everyone.

This is so hard to believe but this is our final week in year 7 and for you it's your final week as a pupil of Edwards Primary School!!!!  WOW!!! You have progressed through each year group and have reached your final destination. A big thank you to you and your parents for all your hard work during online learning.We are extremely proud of you and your efforts. It hasn't been easy but pupils, parents and teachers have all made it to the end!! It definitely wasn't the ending we had hoped or planned for, but we all survived. Thank you for all your emails over the last few months, it was great to hear from you and to see what you were getting up to. We look forward to seeing you all on Friday 26th June (see times below), when you will receive your year 7 leavers book, DVD and T-Shirt. 

Take care and see you all on Friday,

Mrs Donaghy           Miss Roke 

         ****************** REMINDER************

Remember to come up to school this Friday 26th June to collect any belongings left behind and return any school books -- LITERACY AND NUMERACY TEXT BOOKS AND READING BOOKS. This (weather permitting) will be in the big playground for year 7 and we will all try to stay at a safe social distance. Thank you.

9.30 -10.30am -- Family surnames starting with the letters A to I

10.30 - 11.30am -- Family surnames starting with the letters J to R

11.30 - 12.30pm -- Family surnames starting with the letters S to Z.


A big thank you to Harry and Lily for their wonderful work. Well done!

Here are a few end of year7 / starting new school activities for you to try.

 Passport To Year 8.pdfDownload
 Primary 7 Transition Scenario Cards.pdfDownload
 Primary 7 Write up Booklet.pdfDownload
 School memories.pdfDownload
 School memories.pdfDownload
 Top Tips for Surviving Secondary School.pdfDownload
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Let's do a little bit of travelling................

 Answers to booklet Q.pdfDownload
 around the world booklet.pdfDownload
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How good is your general knowledge?? Test it out below! Have fun.

 Quiz 1 Questions and Answers.pdfDownload
 Quiz 2 Questions and Answers.pdfDownload
 Quiz 3 Questions and Answers.pdfDownload
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Monday 15th June 2020

Good morning, 

This is the third week of June already! Time is passing by very quickly. Thank you for sending in your designs for the dvd cover. They were all amazing. Well done to everyone who took part in our virtual sports day on Saturday. Hope you all enjoyed it. Remember next Friday 26th June you can return all your school resources and collect any belongings that had been left in school. You will also receive your end of year report. We will be contacting you regarding further arrangements for our final day together.      




 find % of an amount.pdfDownload
 numeracy notes week 9.docxDownload
 Percentages of Quantities .pdfDownload
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 WAU notes week 9.docxDownload
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 Adjective Alphabet.pdfDownload
 Adjectives for Effect.pdfDownload
 Grammar and Punctuation Test 1.pdfDownload
 Literacy notes week 9.docxDownload
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Scripture Union - lesson 3 will be released on Thursday 18th June at 10am. The theme this week is challenges.


Year 7 superstars!!!!!!! WOW -- look at the amazing work produced by year 7. Well done!!!!

Reminder - it's the Healthy Kidz Sports Day this Saturday 13th June 2020. Focus on your 5 best activities and practice them for Saturday's big day. Continue to record your activities to maintain your streak. 

Good luck!

Wednesday 10th June

Good morning,

Hope you are all having a good week so far. We have been reading some fantastic pieces of creative writing already this week. Keep sending them! Don't forget to have a look at the S.U. website -- --tomorrow (Thursday) at 10am. The theme this week is CHOICES.


Reminder-- On Friday 26th June you will have the opportunity to return all your text books and reading books to school. You will be able to collect any remaining classwork books, PE bags and coats. You will also receive your end of year reports. Keep an eye on the website for further details.


A big thank you and well done to everyone who sent in their designs for the cover of the leavers dvd. Congratulations to Andrew McCreery — your design will go on the leavers dvd of 2020. Well done!

TASK —- learn how to put on a tie for secondary school!! Who is able to do it???  

Monday 8th June 2020

Hi Everyone, 

Well done for all the hard work you have been doing. The work we received this week was amazing. Thank you for sending in your leavers videos - you have all been wonderful!! Look forward to seeing it. Your activities for this week are set out below. There are a few fun PE activities ahead of our virtual Sports Day on Saturday. Hope you are all fit and ready to race!!  Congratulations to everyone getting into their secondary school of choice.  Below you will find a booklet 'Transferring to secondary school' that we complete at this time of the year to help you think about your new school.  Use your new secondary school's website and the prospectus they gave you to learn more about what great adventures await you!!!                  



Happy Birthday to Demi and Lucius. Enjoy your day!

 Transferring to secondary school
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 numeracy notes week 8.docxDownload
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 Miss Roke extra numeracy
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 Literacy notes week 8.docxDownload
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 WAU notes week 8.docxDownload
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Fun PE / Sports day activities!!

As you know it is our virtual Sports Day on Saturday 13th June. Hope the weather is good. Here are a few fun activities for you to do.

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Competition  -- Design a mascot for Ulster Hockey.

 Ulster Hockey Mascot Application Form.pdfDownload
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Thanks to Harry, Reece , Andrew and Lewis for sending us their work this week. Well done boys!! Fantastic work.

Congratulations So Happy For You GIF - Congratulations ...

Well done Year 7 getting into your new secondary school!!!!



Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning everyone. Just a little reminder that Scripture Union has their first lesson tomorrow at 10am. The theme is 'Change'.

Have a look at the link below. It is a website that offers a huge range of free books, both fact and fiction. Mrs Donaghy has been reading a few 'cat' books!!


  • Show yourself a little kindness.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Get some fresh air.
  • Wash your hands.
  •   Take it one day at a time!

Monday 1st June 2020

Hi Everyone!

What a journey we have been on since September! It's so hard to believe it is June and what would be our final month together at Edwards Primary School.We may have lost a few months of learning together but it has given you the opportunity to spend extra time at home with your loved ones. You can enjoy outdoor activities and play your favourite games. We hope you are managing to do some of the activities we have provided each day. This week as part of our work for Leavers we would love you to design the front of our DVD.  This can be done by adapting the editable version below and sending to Miss Roke.  Remember, we love to hear from you. Continue to send us your emails.

 Design DVD
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 Literacy notes week 7.docxDownload
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 numeracy notes week 7.docxDownload
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Numeracy extension activities

 Multistep Word Problems.pdfDownload
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World Around Us

 titanic wordsearch.pdfDownload
 WAU notes week 7.docxDownload
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Have a look at some of these examples.

Scripture Union has produced a programme called 'It's Your Move'. It is specifically for year 7 pupils with regard their transition to secondary school. There are interactive activities helping pupils explore different themes. Lesson 1 will be released on Thursday 4th June at 10am. Visit the link ---


Just for fun!!          Just for fun!!          Just for fun!!!


You may enjoy a few fun activities from Ulster Rugby. Check out the link below and have some fun!!!


Brilliant!!            Fantastic!!          Super!!

A big thank you and well done to everyone who sent in their designs for the cover of the year book. CONGRATULATIONS to Harry!!! His design was picked for the Year7 class of 2020 year book. Fantastic Harry.

Well done to Harry, Luke, Lily and Andrew Mc. They have all received certificates from Healthy Kidz for all their efforts practising for Sports Day. We are very proud of you. Keep it up!!

Tuesday 26th May 2020

Hi Everyone,

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend. This is the final week in May already. We trust you have been trying to do some of the activities we have set for you. We don't expect you to do everything - just do what is appropriate for you!  Thank you for all the pictures and emails you have been sending. Please keep sending as we love to see and hear what you are all getting up to!! Continue with your daily mile and your sports day activities.

Don't forget to send in any remaining videos by 29/5/20. Thank you.


 Numeracy notes week 6.docxDownload
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 Literacy notes week 6.docxDownload
 Spot the Missing Speech Marks.pdfDownload
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World Around Us

 WAU notes week 6.docxDownload
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A little note from Gareth our IFA coach.

 Mental Health Letter from Gareth IFA.pdfDownload
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Have a good week everyone!!

Look at the yummy smoothies and milkshakes the year 7 pupils are making.

Extraordinary Art

by the Extraordinary Year 7!!

Can you work out which two animals were used to draw their pictures?

Titanic Art

Well done to Harry, Reece, Natasha, Luke, Oscar, Alex and Lily for your Titanic artwork!! Your pictures look amazing!!

Thank you for sharing with us.

Great advertising. Well done!

 oscar poster.odtDownload
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Year 7 Tributes to the NHS and Key Workers


By Logan

School has closed down recently

My sisters rather glum

People are panic-buying toilet paper

That seems rather dumb!

At least I get to stay at home,

Until mum makes us have our homework done!

They say there is this illness

People are acting ridiculous!

Mum is being meticulous

We have to wash our hands

The government is putting on bans

So if you want to protect your own

Stay safe and stay at home.

Thank you to all the Year 7 pupils who sent work to thank the NHS and Key workers.  Your work shows great kindness. Well done!!!

Year 7 Baking Delights!!!! 

Thanks to everyone for sending your photos of your yummy numeracy work!! Looked like everyone had fun and made some very tasty treats for the family!!

Fabulous Job Clipart

A big thanks to the Year 7 pupils who have been sending us their amazing work and letting us know what else they've been up to!! We love seeing how you're getting on and knowing you are keeping well!!!