A little note to my AQE superstars....

You will still have work to do over the summer, but make sure you get plenty of rest and have lots of fun too.  The papers you have been given will help to keep all your knowledge fresh.  Then you will come back on August 24th ready to learn again!  I am SO proud of you all.

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Wednesday 24th June - Week 10 AQE

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Good morning Year 6 AQE class!  This is the last time I will write that on our webpage.  You have completed extra work for 10 weeks - WOW! Thank you for sticking with it and beavering away at your tests.  I am just so proud of you all.

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Once again, I would like to thank those who have sent me results.  I appreciate you taking the time to do this.


On Friday, those who requested it will receive a folder of AQE tests.  There is an explanatory note inside the folder and I would appreciate it if you could read this and email me with any queries, before the end of June.  

This week I would like you to complete Series 2 tests 1 and 2.

Remember, you can catch up on any tests or work missed, over the summer.

Wednesday 17th June - Week 9 AQE

Good morning everyone!  Thank you for sending me your results again this past week.  I can see how hard you are all working!

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I have your AQE summer packs ready for you and they can be picked up on the 26th June, when you are getting your other school work.  

This week, as I know you are exhausted, I am only asking you to complete your two papers.  However, should anyone require a poetry comprehension, please email me and I will send it to you.


This week's papers are:

Series 3 Test 3


Series 4 Test 3

Please continue to send me your scores to enable me to see how you are managing.


Many thanks,

Mrs McKeown


Wednesday 10th June - Week 8 AQE

Good morning!  I have been reflecting on our journey 'learning online' and am astonished at how well you have managed with all of the extra work you have had to do. You have now learned almost everything you need for AQE.  You are special children!

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Normally, at this time of year, we take a step back from AQE and give you a breather as it is a marathon and not a sprint!  However, I am still going to put up a little work for those who wish to do it.  If anyone requires more, please let me know.  Also, I know that not everyone has completed everything we have been doing throughout the weeks, so this is a chance for you to catch up a little if you need to.


Your papers this week are:

Windmill Press Series 4 Test 2

Windmill Press Series 2 Test 3


Please e-mail me your results at rmckeown742@c2ken.net and if you can, don't forget to write a line or two about your favourite Year 6 memory and send me a picture of it.


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 Week 8 AQE
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Wednesday 3rd June - Week 7 AQE

Hello again to my AQE class. 


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Thank you for all your hard work and a special thank you to your parents for letting me know how you are getting on.  



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Take care,

from Mrs Mckeown x




A little note to parents to say this is the final day for letting me know if you will require an AQE summer pack.  I will start organising them tomorrow, so if you have not already done so, please email me today if you would like one.


 Week 7 AQE
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Wednesday 27th May - Week 6 AQE

Hello again to my AQE class. 

I'm thinking about you and hope that you are managing OK.  I've seen super results again this week, so I can see how hard you are working!

Please read the explanatory letters with your parents before you start, and do the work in the order set.  Start with the PPTs for explanation and then work through the worksheets as best you can.

Take care,

from Mrs Mckeown x


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Thank you to all parents who have been keeping in touch regarding scores.  It is so helpful to know how the children are getting on. For those who have not already done so, could I remind you to please let me know, by next Wednesday, if you will require a summer pack of work.   Also, please feel free to email me regarding areas your child has any difficulty with.


Many thanks,

Mrs McKeown


 Week 6 AQE
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Wednesday 20th May - Week 5 AQE

At this time of year I start thinking about getting AQE summer packs ready. Each pack will include a variety of papers for children to complete over the summer. Could I ask parents to please let me know, within the next two weeks, if they will require one?

Many thanks!


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 Week 5 AQE
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Wednesday 13th May - Week 4 AQE

Could I please encourage people to send me results from all tests?  This helps me to see how everyone is progressing.

Many thanks!


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Hello again to my AQE class.  Please read the letter below with your parents before you start, and do the work in the order set.  Start with the PPTs for explanation and then work through the worksheets as best you can.

Lots of love from Mrs Mckeown x

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 AQE Week 4
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11th May 2020 

Dear parents of AQE pupils,

I hope everything is going well for you with home learning and I really appreciate hearing from you and finding out how the children are getting on.  

In the folders below you will find important information regarding dates and deadlines.  I have also included a registration form for the exam, although AQE strongly recommend that you use online registration where you can.

Below is the text of an important announcement made today regarding the timing of the 2020 tests.

'The Board has decided to reschedule the AQE assessment for the Saturdays of 21st and 28th November, and 12th December 2020. This will provide pupils with an extra two weeks of preparation compared to the original dates planned before the onslaught of coronavirus.

Parents and pupils will be encouraged to know that the three paper AQE assessment, with only the best two papers contributing to a candidate’s score, is designed to allow pupils to have an “off day”. In addition, the Age Standardisation procedure will take into account a lower overall level of performance, thus enabling a lower individual mark to achieve a standardised score of 100. The Special Circumstances procedure will also continue to apply for those pupils who have not performed to the expected standard and have experienced uniquely disadvantageous circumstances in the lead up to, or during, the test period.'

Wednesday 6th May - Week 3 After Schools AQE

I would really appreciate it if you could send me the results from your Learning Together tests.  Many thanks!





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Good afternoon to my AQE class.  Please read the letter below with your parents before you start.  It's a lot of information I know but hopefully helps explain what I would like you to do. I appreciate that this is all extra work and I'm so proud of you for sticking with it.


Lots of love from Mrs Mckeown x


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 Week 3 AQE Collection
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Wednesday 29th April Week 2 After Schools AQE

 Week 2 AQE Collection
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Dear Parents of Year 6 students,

AQE are releasing the earliest past papers for parents to use at home with their children.

We would ask that our Year 6 parents continue to work through the packs provided and reserve these papers until later.  In Year 7 they are used to provide children with test conditions experiences.


Thank you

Mrs McKeown and Miss Roke


Wednesday 22nd April - Week 1 After schools AQE

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 Week 1 AQE Collection
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Hello to all Year 6 AQE pupils.

Easter has arrived and you may have already started using your Easter packs.  You will find both the literacy and numeracy booklets are full of revision practice!  Remember, if you come across anything you haven’t covered yet, please leave it and come back to it later on. 

Please look on the website on Wednesday 22nd April for your first ‘AQE after schools’ online learning. Things we will be covering over the weeks after Easter are; area of triangles, volume, data handling work, ratio and scale.  Please do not work on practice tests or learning together tests until later.  I will let you know when.  It’s always good to get as much learned as we can before you start tests.  There will be plenty of time to practice papers later.

Please make sure you have lots of fun over Easter too – spending time with your family, playing games and enjoying your daily walk/exercise… not forgetting Easter eggs!

I think of you all every day and hope you are all managing ok.  Keep doing your best and know that I am proud of you.  Remember what we say in class, ‘If you can’t make a mistake…..’

Love from Mrs McKeown

From the AQE Website  www.aqe.org.uk  


STATEMENT REGARDING COVID-19 (Coronavirus)This is a very uncertain time for everyone involved in education, not least for parents and pupils.  As the situation develops over the coming days and weeks, AQE will monitor what is happening and will work closely with our colleagues in the primary schools to ensure that parents and pupils are kept fully informed of the AQE procedures and assessments for 2020/21.  The AQE website will also keep schools, parents and pupils up to date with the latest developments.  Schools, parents and pupils should continue to prepare for the assessments in the home environment, while we continue to monitor the situation.  Any updates will be provided on this website.


www.thetransfertutor.co.uk webpage has a detailed list of the specifications required for literacy and numeracy.

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