Week Beginning 25th May 2020

A little favour 

This week I’ve been kept busy on the farm. All the ewes were brought in and sheared (I wonder who knows what that means!) Their lambs were also injected and dosed to prevent them getting any diseases. 

More amazing completed this week again 

A little guide for the week!

Email me if you have any queries eduncan674@c2kni.net

 Week 6 WAU/Art
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A massive well done to Alfie, Luke and Scarlett who received a certificate from Healthy Kidz for all their hard work practising for Sports Day!

Week Beginning 18th May 2020

Happy Birthday Jake!

Thanks to all the parents that have been emailing me some of your work. You have been working so hard! 


Here’s a snippet of what Year 4 are getting up to at home!

Remember you can contact me via email: eduncan674@c2kni.net

A little guide for the week!

 Week 5 Spellings and Tables
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Try to squeeze a little bit of reading in each day. 

Click here to access some free ebooks

 Week 5 - WAU
 Week 5 fun challenge
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***Healthy Kidz Virtual Sports Day - the deadline has been extended for signing up, you have got until 6pm today, Monday 18th May 2020.  Go to healthy-kidz.com and register your interest.  It is great to see lots of you signed up and earning points already. Remember to get a 20 day streak to be in with a chance of winning prizes.  For more information go to the 'Learning from Home' tab under 'Learning from Home Activities' or email afoster789@c2kni.net.  Follow 'Healthy Kidz' on Facebook for training tips.

Week Beginning 11th May 2020

Have a little look at what Year 4 have been up to - they’ve been working hard!

 WAU - Week 4
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 Week 4 - Art
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REMEMBER - register on healthy-kidz.com for the Healthy Kidz Virtual Sports Day by 6pm today You will receive your login details via email (inbox or junk mail).  Get started practising and earning points for Edwards PS. Join pupils Lily (Y7), Lauren (Y6), Adam (Y1), Masyn (Y2), Katherine (Y5) and Bella (Y2) on the Edwards leaderboard.  More information can be found in the 'Learning from Home' tab under 'Learning from Home Activities' or email afoster789@c2kni.net.

Week Beginning 4th May 2020

Year 4 have been busy at home!

Some baking ideas - you can send me a photo of your yummy treats!

This could be a little Friday treat activity.

 Week 3 PDMU/RE
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 Week 3 WAU
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Week Beginning 27th April 2020

 Week 2 Electricity
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 Spellings and Tables
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Week Beginning 20th April 2020

Dear Year 4,


In the folders below I have included some work for this coming week. I suggest doing one Literacy and Numeracy activity each day.

You will know if you are a monkey, rabbit or bear so please only do the work for your group.

Our new topic is ‘Electricity’ I have attached a short PowerPoint for you to look at which has some very interesting facts (you will find this in the WAU folder). Your challenge this week is to create a poster to encourage people to be safe when using electricity (more details in WAU folder).

You should now be on Week 4 of your Spellings and Tables – I will upload a new set the following week. Keep practicing them and maybe get your mum or dad to test you! (You might even get a treat if you get 10 out of 10).


Miss Duncan x

Now that home learning has commenced online here is my contact c2k email address


 In the unprecedented circumstances we face, unfortunately we will not be able to mark all set work and give pupil feedback that normally occurs in the life a classroom. Only work requested by the teacher will be required to be forwarded via the teacher school e-mail address. If you do not wish or it does not suit you to send work, there is no obligation to do so.

Topic Challenge!

You have to think really hard if appliances uses mains power or battery power! We have to plug an item into the socket for it to work if it requires mains power for example, a lamp. What does a fridge use? What does a Nintendo use? Can you name any appliances in your kitchen that use mains power? Can you find any items in your bedroom that use batteries?

I have attached below a Venn diagram. I would like you to cut out different electrical appliances that use mains or battery power BUT be careful as some might use both, for example a torch! An old Argos catalogue would be perfect for this activity but don’t worry if you don’t have one as you could also draw and label your items. 

I would love to see your Venn diagrams, please feel free to email them to eduncan674@c2kni.net

 Week 1 WAU - Electricity
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Year 4 Learning from Home

Dear Year 4,

 I am missing the fun in Year 4 but I hope you are keeping safe. I hope you are keeping busy by completing some activities from your pack. I wish I could see all the lovely work you are doing at home.


Our Easter holidays were due to commence this Wednesday so you can take a little break from your pack then. After Easter I will be updating the every Monday setting you new work for each week and some fun challenges.


I have included below a few fun Easter activities that you may like to complete over the Easter period; some word searches, an Easter Story comic strip and some cooking ideas!


Thank you for all your hard work so far and thank you parents for adjusting to this new routine. 

Enjoy Easter and I hope the Easter bunny comes!


Love from Miss Duncan & Miss Johnston xxx

Easter Art Ideas

Comic Strip


Can you retell the Easter story? Remember to include writing as well as pictures!

Word search and some colouring in 

Easter baking ideas

This website has lots of fun and easy Easter baking ideas that you could do with your family. I have also attached a recipe sheet where you could write about how you made it!