Year 2 Learning from Home

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Hi Year 2,

It’s me again!  I am missing everyone lots and hope that you are all staying safe and having fun.  I am uploading your homework for another week but you will be pleased to read that today is a bank holiday.  That means you can have today off homework if you wish.

Please complete what you can.  I suggest completing one piece of writing/sound work and one piece of maths/topic work per day.  A maximum 30 minutes sitting down to focus on a piece of work.  Easier said than done!  If you don’t get everything completed, remember that there is always next week.  If you feel that you need more homework, please send me an email.

This week marks a new topic called ‘Ready Steady Go’.  I have added a topic sheet of the learning objectives for the final 6 weeks of the Summer Term.  This week is an introduction into thinking about places in our locality and ways to keep active.  There is also a labelling activity on parts of the body.  Each part of the body is very important in order to keep active.  Without one part working well, things become harder to do.

This week’s challenge is a design challenge.  I would love to see your designs – please send them to  Some parents are sending me other completed activities and that is great to see too.  Thank you!

Stay safe!

Miss Foster

 Design challenge.docxDownload
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 The Enormous Turnip questions.docxDownload
 The Enormous Turnip story.pptDownload
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 Block graph - toys.pdfDownload
 Block graph pirates.pdfDownload
 Body parts labelling - read and write.pdfDownload
 Grapes and bananas group phrase matching.pdfDownload
 Money tuck shop.docxDownload
 Place Value.docxDownload
 Places to keep active.docxDownload
 Shape hunt - cone.docxDownload
 Strawberry group sentence matching.pdfDownload
 topic may june ready steady go.docxDownload
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Play 'Hit the Button' maths game.

Practise number bonds, halves and doubles:




Sing and join in with the actions to 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' (also includes different body parts):




Happy 6th birthday Jenson.  Mummy has been telling me how hard you have been working this week. I think you deserve a day off from writing! Have a lovely day.

Lots of you enjoyed the music making challenge last week.  Here are videos of 2 music stars, Alex and Bella, performing with their instruments.  Nathan Carter may need new recruits for his band.

Check out Emily and Ollie's sunflowers which they have been looking after since our Year 2 assembly on Friday 13th March 2020.

Happy 6th birthday Charlie Irwin!


Hello Year 2,

Another week begins and that means we are another week closer to things getting back to normal again.  Keep thinking that!  I am blown away by all your fantastic work so far.  Check out the slideshow to see what your friends have been getting up to.  I have attached this week's homework below.  This is the last week of our Flash Bang Boom topic. There are some optional colouring pages to complete too if you wish.  Please think about and pray for all the key workers that are out helping in our community.  Please also know that you are my superheroes for staying at home, staying safe and working hard for your grown ups.

Thank you to everyone who sent emails last week.  It is great to hear from you.  This week's challenge is a maths 'game challenge'.  Please email your challenge to  I would also like to see your Peace at Last stories so you can email them too when you are finished.

***Healthy Kidz Virtual Sports Day - the deadline has been extended for signing up, you have got until 6pm today, Monday 18th May 2020.  Go to and register your interest.  It is great to see lots of you signed up and earning points already. Remember to get a 20 day streak to be in with a chance of winning prizes.  For more information go to the 'Learning from Home' tab under 'Learning from Home Activities' or email  Follow 'Healthy Kidz' on Facebook for training tips.

Lots of love,

Miss Foster x

 Game challenge.docxDownload
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 Peace at Last story writing guidance.docxDownload
 story template.docxDownload
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 Maths - Time revision.docxDownload
 Phase 2 set 4 matching words.pdfDownload
 phonics oi sound activity.docxDownload
 Shape hunt - cylinder.docxDownload
 Sorting activity - how are instruments played.pdfDownload
 Sound experiment ideas and links.docxDownload
 Sound experiment with rice.pdfDownload
 Thank you key workers colouring in.pdfDownload
 You are my superhero colouring in.pdfDownload
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Play 'Coconut Odd or Even' number game:


Join in with the words and actions to the song
'A Pirate You Shall Be' song:


 Colour by number addition to 20.pdfDownload
 Pet shop block graph questions.docxDownload
 Roll and Colour.pdfDownload
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Hello Year 2,

I hope you enjoyed a day off from homework last Friday.  Please see your activities below for this week's homework.  Today marks a new week of our topic 'Flash Bang Boom' and this week the focus is on sound.  As always, you need to revise your spellings and tables every day, complete your Friday test and try to do some reading every day. 
Thank you to the parents who emailed me with your Boggle word challenge last week.  Well done to all the pupils who got placed and received certificates for the number of words they made.  You know who you are!  But a special mention must go to Seth who smashed the record and made 113 words using 12 letters.  Congratulations on your 1st place award!  I just love to see your work and photographs each week, it means a lot.  Check out the slideshow of photographs from last week.  You were all amazing!  If you didn't email last week, please try to send a quick email this week.

This week there is a musical instrument making challenge.  You can use the ideas provided below or you can research your own ideas.  Please send your challenge to

Lots of love,

Miss Foster x

REMEMBER - register on for the Healthy Kidz Virtual Sports Day by 6pm today.  You will receive your login details via email (inbox or junk mail).  Get started practising and earning points for Edwards PS. Join pupils Lily (Y7), Lauren (Y6), Adam (Y1), Masyn (Y2), Katherine (Y5) and Bella (Y2) on the Edwards leaderboard.  More information can be found in the 'Learning from Home' tab under 'Learning from Home Activities' or email

 The Arts - make a musical instrument.docxDownload
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Usually at this time of year, Year2 would complete a mini word test.  I have attached the first 100 and next 200 key words if you wish to check up on key word knowledge.  There is a game board below to practice key words.  You can edit and change the words on the board, and there is a blank board to add any unknown words which need more practice.

 First 100 High Frequency words.pdfDownload
 Key word game board.docxDownload
 Next 200 high frequency words.pdfDownload
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 Adding 10 sweet shop.pptDownload
 Addition booklet.pdfDownload
 I Spy Scavenger Hunt.pdfDownload
 Nature walk and journal.docxDownload
 phonics ea ee sorting activity.docxDownload
 Sentence unjumble.docxDownload
 Shape hunt - cuboid.docxDownload
 Topic sound activity.docxDownload
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Play 'Big Letter Bunnies' capital letter game:


Count and join in with the actions to the

'Count to 100 by 1s new version' song.







It is the month of May and we have a birthday.

Happy 6th birthday for today Sebastian! 


Hi Year 2,

I hope you and your families are still staying safe during lockdown.  Well done to everybody who completed activities last week and a special thank you to mummys and/or daddys who are helping with homework.  Please try to remember that you are doing your best and that's all I can ask for.  Thank you!  This Friday 8th May 2020 is a bank holiday so you can take a day off from homework if you wish.

Please see your activities below for this week.  Try to get some reading completed everyday - I can't stress enough the importance of reading little and often. This is week 2 of our Flash Bang Boom topic and the focus is on sources of light.

Thank you to anyone that sent me their Lockdown writing challenge last week.  You will see your writing displayed below (scroll down).  This week there is a Boggle word challenge.  Please send your Boggle challenge to  I will count up how many words you can make using the letters provided in the document.  There may even be certificates for 1st place through to 5th place.  Good luck!

As always, email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Love from Miss Foster x 

 Boggle word challenge.docxDownload
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 5 finger prayer.docxDownload
 Addition to 20 word problems.pdfDownload
 Natural and man-made light source sorting activity.pdfDownload
 Number patterns.docDownload
 Number patterns.pdfDownload
 Rhyme activty booklet.pdfDownload
 Shape hunt - cube.docxDownload
 Sources of Light.docxDownload
 The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.docxDownload
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Play 'The Dinosaur's Eggs' key word game:

Count and join in with the actions to the

'Count to 100 by 1s' song.




Winners of the Life in Lockdown 2020

writing challenge

Year 2 have been learning at home. I am so proud of you all.


Don't forget to email your Life in Lockdown writing challenge this week if you haven't done so yet.  I have been sent some fantastic writing so far and I loved reading all about what you have been getting up to. (email address is lowercase letters and no spaces)

Happy 6th birthday to

Harry, Samuel, Sam and Katie!

Your birthdays were in April.


Dear Year 2,

Another week of lockdown is over and a new week begins.  I hope everyone is keeping safe and well.  I have added this week's activities below.  Please note that I added a parent page which includes learning objectives usually covered during this term's topic Flash Bang Boom. This week marks the beginning of our new topic.  There is a shadow challenge (information included below). Please also note the phonics game and shape song to learn this week (scroll down to find).

* I hope everyone completed their Friday test and got a good score

   (7 or 8 is good, 9 or 10 is excellent).

 ** I hope you have been able to access reading via Oxford Owl - please email

me if are having trouble accessing suitable books.

***Don't forget to complete all the pages in your handwriting book and

maths books.

Last week's Star Bakers received certificates for their efforts.  This week I would love it if you could write about your Life in Lockdown 2020.  Please email your Life in Lockdown 2020 writing to and I will send out more certificates for the best efforts this week. I can't wait to read your work!  See guidance and template below.

Missing everyone lots,

Miss Foster

 Life in Lockdown writing template.pdfDownload
 Life in Lockdown writing.docDownload
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 April May Topic - Flash Bang Boom.docxDownload
 I am amazing activity.pdfDownload
 Odd and even numbers.docxDownload
 Ordering numbers.docxDownload
 Shadow challenge.docxDownload
 Shape hunt.docxDownload
 Spring flower art.docxDownload
 The Cat in the Hat.docxDownload
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Play the Poop Deck Pirates phonics game:

Revisit 2D shape names and learn the Shape Song.

Try to make the shapes with your hands as you sing.


Congratulations to this weeks Star Bakers in the Year 2 Bake Off challenge.  Winners have been notified by email and certificates sent.  Thank you to everyone who entered this week's challenge.

Below are the winning bakes. Don't they look delicious!


Now that home learning has commenced online here is my contact c2k email address

In the unprecedented circumstances we face, unfortunately we will not be able to mark all set work and give pupil feedback that normally occurs in the life a classroom. Only work requested by the teacher will be required to be forwarded via the teacher school e-mail address. If you do not wish or it does not suit you to send work, there is no obligation to do so.

Please email your Bake Off challenge recipe or finished product.

I can't wait to see what you got up to. 

Dear Year 2,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break.  I sure did and I ate too much chocolate.  I hope the Easter bunny came to you.

This week begins the start of the Summer term.  Not how we expected it to be, but we just have to do the best that we can under these circumstances.  I have attached some documents and practical activities below.  Please feel free to download and complete at home.  I am aware that you may not have access to a printer.  Please use your phonics book to practice spellings and tables each day and you could also complete the literacy activities in this book. Talk about the answers with a grown up.  You can complete all the pages in your handwriting book and maths books if you haven't done so already.

  • Remember to practice your Spellings and Tables each day.
  • Friday Test - complete in your Spellings and Tables book.
  • Reading everyday (Oxford Owl website or key word practice).
  • 1 written activity per day.
  • Practical indoor/outdoor activities or games.
  • Computer games (phonics play, topmarks or ictgames websites).

If you have any issues or questions please contact me on:

Miss Foster x

Week beginning 20th April 2020

Spellings and Tables for Summer term 2020

 bananas group spellings and tables.docxDownload
 grapes group spellings and tables.docxDownload
 strawberry group spellings and tables.docxDownload
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 Saving Easter story.pptDownload
 Story writing guidance.docxDownload
 story writing lines.pdfDownload
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 1 more and 1 less.docxDownload
 100 square.pdfDownload
 Animal babies.docDownload
 Capital letters and full stops.docDownload
 extra optional challenge o'clock and half past.pdfDownload
 Make a clock.docxDownload
 o'clock and half past activity.pdfDownload
 phonics at and ee sounds.docxDownload
 The Year 2 Bake Off challenge.docxDownload
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Phonics activity - play Buried Treasure:

Bananas group choose phase 2 or 3, Grapes group choose phase 3, Strawberry group choose phase 3 or 4.

Reading books - if you haven't done so already, please check out the Oxford Owl website to access a range of levelled books to read on your computer or tablet.  Follow the instructions below.

Year 2 Learning from Home


Dear Year 2,

I hope you and your family are keeping safe at home and spending a little time each week day to complete pages from the home learning pack.  I have no doubt that you have been having fun spending time with your family too.  Thank you for all your hard work so far, and thank you parents for adjusting to this new routine.

Going by the school diary, the Easter holiday takes place from Thursday 9th April to Friday 17th April 2020.  This is a time to take a break from home schooling.  Everyone in the house deserves this well earned rest, so you are allowed to put away your home learning packs.  If there are still activities left to complete, these can be completed after Easter.

From Monday 20th April 2020, home schooling support will be available on this page.  I will keep up-to-date with you every Monday and Wednesday by posting notes and uploading activities.  New activities will appear at the top of this page.

A special congratulations to Ollie on the birth of your baby sister Indie.  You will be a wonderful big brother.  There's no better time to look after her and spoil her.


Enjoy your Easter break everyone.

Love from,

Miss Foster and Mrs Baird x

Maybe you could boil some eggs and draw funny faces like these guys below...

If pupils are feeling anxious or worried about things, the poem below may help them to understand what is happening right now.

 The time we spring-cleaned the world.docxDownload
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Watch the Easter story -

Check out the range of twinkl Easter activities on their website. There are 2 eBooks called 'Saving Easter' and 'Brenda's Boring Egg'.

Below are some activities that I thought were most appropriate for Year 2.  Happy Easter!

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