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Congratulations to the following pupils who feature on our Year 1 leader-board - Sam S 
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****Keep up the hard work Year 1****

Wishing Morgan a very happy birthday from all his friends in Year 1

Good Morning Year 1 - Wednesday 27th May

We have been learning together in the month of May about Jack and the Beanstalk.  I hope you have enjoyed all our tasks.  Today we will revisit some of the ideas from the story and continue our learning.  As usual we will begin with some letter and sound work.  We will go over all the sounds to see what ones we know and which to continue working on.  Try to write the letters remembering to use the correct formation.  Play 'I spy' using the letter sound to focus on some sounds / look for letters on packaging or in books / circle letters in newspapers or magazines...

Link to Jolly Phonics website - click on each letter to hear the sound (focus on group 1, 2, 3 as well as letters j z w v y x qu

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Our key word today is special as it is two words together to make a new word. 'in' and 'to' together make 'into'

 into sight word pratice page.docxDownload
 into word work.docxDownload
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This link takes us to the Jack and the Beanstalk story (split up into different part) and there is also a link to 'useful resources' which some may find helpful.  You could retell the story in your own words - use lots of detail and describing words to talk about characters and events.

BBC Jack and the Beanstalk story

Here are some topic related Literacy activities

 jack and b story sequencing.pdfDownload
 Jack story sequencing.pdfDownload
 jack-and-the-beanstalk-sentence and picture match.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 1.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 2.docxDownload
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Can you think of a musical instrument in our Jack and the beanstalk story? Maybe you can play an instrument? Miss Crawford plays the piano....look at the musical instrument PowerPoint to see and hear her in action!

 Musical Instrument Video PowerPoint(1) (1).pptxDownload
 Sounds - sorting instruments (1).docxDownload
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Link to BBC Bitesize lesson on Body Percussion

Link to BBC Listening game about Musical Instruments

In the story we can think about how different characters feel. We all feel different at different times and in different situations. It is important to talk to our family and tell them how we are feeling. Listen to these stories about Feelings and Emotions:

What are feelings?

Dealing with feelings

Recognizing others feelings

 Feelings and emotions.docxDownload
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Here are some Numeracy activities to do - in the I spy game look at the picture page first to help you work out the sums.  Jack had to go up and down the beanstalk so I thought a game of snakes and ladders would be a good 'Fun Friday' activity to see who goes up the ladder or down the snake.

 I Spy and Count to 20.pdfDownload
 I spy Checklist.pdfDownload
 Snakes and Ladders.docxDownload
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Thanks everyone for all your hard work.  Remember to adjust and adapt the work to suit your needs.  Please feel free to send us some photos of you, your work or a 'hello' message. Until next time....and remember next week it's a new topic...clue.... we are going to the deep blue sea!

**Take Care** 

Look at all the great work Year 1 have been getting up to. Huge thanks everyone for all your e-mail messages and photos. Miss Crawford and Miss Douglas just love to see you all having fun, working hard and enjoying our topic.

Happy Bank Holiday Monday 25th May

Hello everyone I hope you are all having a lovely long weekend.  Here are a few ideas of things to do until our last Jack and the Beanstalk on-line work pack on Wednesday.  

I hope you have been enjoying the themed songs - the final one is called 'We're Rich!'

We have been talking about beans and all sorts of vegetables. Many of you are telling me about your vegetables you have planted and are looking after in your gardens.  My spinach and beetroot are growing well! The story today is about a vegetable - it's grows in a pod...yes, it's a pea.  Have you ever heard about the Princess and the Pea? Have a listen:

The Princess and the Pea Story

Fun with Feet: The giant had very big feet - you could measure everybody's feet in your house to see who has the biggest feet - order shoes starting at the biggest to the smallest - use a shoe to measure things in your house e.g. how many shoes long is the sofa? Now try the bed or the bath - count everybody's feet  - now count in 2's - 2 4 6 8 10.... 

Have a listen to this story about - The BIg Foot Mystery

Here are some literacy focused tasks:

 cvc words 3.docxDownload
 Jack beanstalk missing words.pdfDownload
 Shared reading Jack coming down poem.docxDownload
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Enjoy the counting and addition activities called 'Lets go Berry Picking'

This song reminds us of the numbers 1 - 20....have a listen 'Counting to 20'

Hello to everyone in Year 1 - Wednesday 20th May

It is so lovely to 'meet up' again this morning with you all. I hope you had a good time with all our giant ideas. The picture gallery is looking great with all your photographs. Many thanks to everyone for sending in their good to see each other! 

Let's begin our day with some more letter, sound and word work.

We have worked so hard we have nearly completed every letter in the alphabet. Do you remember how many letters there are in it? Yes it is 26. Today we will look at the letter v and also remind ourselves of a few others.

 v booklet complete.pdfDownload
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Sight words are so important to learn and this reading activity helps revisit some words we have looked at before to remind us...have a read

 Sight word sentences 12.docxDownload
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Our word work today has two words that are the opposite of each other. They describe Jack and the you think you know what they could be?  today we will look at big and little.     Can you think of things that are big and little?

 big little word work.docxDownload
 big sight word pratice page.docxDownload
 little sight word pratice page.docxDownload
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Good work so far! Today as part of our Jack and the Beanstalk topic we are thinking all about money.  Some coins are silver and some are gold. Maybe you have been saving lots of money in your piggy back...well done!  Maybe you like to spend it on little treats. Well Jack and his mum at the beginning of the story had very little money but at the end they had lots...they were rich!

Here are some literacy tasks all about money and gold. We would love to see your suggestions of what you would buy in the activity 'if I had a pot of gold'...please send your work our way : )

 gold medal winner.docxDownload
 gold treasure hunt.docxDownload
 if I had a pot of gold.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 1.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 2.docxDownload
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Jesus tells a story in the Bible about a lady who lost a special silver coin. She was so sad and had to look for it everywhere. Let's listen to the story - 

The Lady and her Lost Coin

Here are some activities all about this story - 

 lost coin missing last letters.docxDownload
 The Lost Coin story activities.pdfDownload
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Listen to this rhyming story all about a Bunny and his money..........listen out for all the words that rhyme.

Money, Money, Honey Bunny

Next we will think about some numeracy activities and no prizes for what our work will be about today......Yes, you are's all about money!

This PowerPoint is all about some coins we might see in our piggy banks. Let's find out more..

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Click the link to find out more about coins (1p to £2) - Recognising Coins

 Here is a story all about spending your money at the shop - Money Story

Have a listen to this money Song - Money Song

 coin recognition match up.rtfDownload
 count coin stacks.docxDownload
 how many ways to make 5p.docxDownload
 How_much_money 1p 2p 5p.docDownload
 Maths with money.docxDownload
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Money ideas (always remember to wash your hands if you are handling money........ask mum and dad first!)

  • Look at some coins. Design your own. What shape will it be? Whose picture will you put on it? How much will it be worth?
  • Use paper and pencils or crayons to make coin rubbing - put the coins under the paper and you will see the pattern appear if you gently rub over the top with your pencil 
  • Sort coins into groups according to their colour / shape / value
  • Make a money box to keep all your coins. Here is an idea...but there is a have to eat all the Pringles first!

Well done Year 1...that was a lot of money work! I hope you will have good fun with all the activities. Remember parents do what you can, when and how you can!  Part of our weekly routine in the Year 1 classroom is our Fun Friday activity and it is no different for on-line learning, here is our challenge this week.  Mum's and dads we will need your help. We love to do little experiments in Year 1 and this week we are going to be scientists and find out what cleans coins - so start saving all those grubby pennies.

Watch and listen to find out more about cleaning you could try to do it yourself!

Cleaning Coins

Good job everyone! Thanks for all your hard work.  Monday is a bank holiday but we will pop up some activities for you to do on Tuesday then as usual more on Wednedsay (that will be our last day of Jack and the Beanstalk...I wonder what we will be learning about next?)

Enjoy the rest of your week

Missing you all!

Miss Douglas, Miss Crawford, Mrs Cowan and Mrs McMahon xxxx

It's Monday 18th May - Good Morning everyone!

Back again! Good to 'see' you all ready for some work to do together. I hope you had a great weekend. Maybe you had fun doing our shape scavenger hunt challenge.

Thank you to everyone who sent in Jack and the Beanstalk, they are great! There are some works of art when it comes to castle construction! Can you spot Mrs Cowan's castle mono-print painting?

Today we will start with our letter and word work. Remember if you are unable to print just adapt...look at the screen and chat...write on paper....whatever works best for you! We are learning how to write and say the sounds to match letters j and q

 j booklet complete.pdfDownload
 qu booklet complete.pdfDownload
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Sight words are so important to learn and this reading activity helps revisit some words we have looked at before to remind us...have a read

 Sight word sentences 11.docxDownload
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we continue a new word focus today with the word no - it is easy to get it mixed up with one we already know - on so we will look at them together...remember which sound comes first.

 no on word work.docxDownload
 no sight word pratice page.docxDownload
 Roll Read and write dice word game.docxDownload
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Our theme today in our Jack and the Beanstalk topic work is giants.....Fee Fi Fo out or he might come!

Can you think of lots of words to describe the giant in the Jack and the Beanstalk story? Let's look at other giant stories, here two of my favourites.

A Bible story about a little boy David and a big giant called Goliath

David and Goliath

 Finish the sentences (1).docxDownload
 Match up the David and Goliath sentences.docxDownload
 word map David and Goliath.docxDownload
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I remember singing this song at Sunday School, maybe you know it. Have a listen and sing along

Only a boy called David

The other giant story I enjoy is about a kind, huge giant called George who was very smart.

The Smartest Giant in Town

The author of the book is Julia Donaldson (She also wrote the 'Gruffalo') and she loves to sing along with her husband Malcolm - listen as they sing about George the Smartest Giant in Town.

 George the giant label his clothes.docDownload
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Here are a few more literacy tasks 

 J&B stick puppets to retell story.pdfDownload
 Shared reading Giant poem.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 1.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 2.docxDownload
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Here are two numeracy tasks - you could make 2 spinners (draw out the numbers in a circle, hold a pencil with the lead in the middle and a paper clip attached. Now spin the paperclip to see what number you get. Do it again and add the two numbers together. 

I love jelly beans - maybe Jack did too.  Look at how he works out his adding sums with the jellybeans (you could try this but just use counters instead of sweets!) 

Look at the 'I spy pictures' first then add up all the different things you see. 

 I Spy and Adding sums.pdfDownload
 I Spy pictures.pdfDownload
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David used 5 little stones in his sling to fight Goliath - here are some ideas we can have fun with and use our counting skills.

  • get lots of little stone and put them into sets of 5, now counts in 5's - 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 35, 40.....
  • measure stones in order of size - set then in a row starting with the smallest
  • measure stones in order of weight - set them in a row starting with the lightest - use your hand to feel their weight ...don't lift any too heavy or they might fall on your toes!
  • make a stone stack - how many can you get to balance on each other to make a tower (where do you think the biggest one needs to go, top or bottom?
  • write numbers on stones and put in the correct order, start with number 1 first. Now can you go backwards starting with the highest number? Hide a stone - get someone in your family to work out which one is missing? Can you work it out when they hide one on you?

Have you ever heard of a giant called Finn MacCool? Some say he lived a long time ago.  Listen to the story and decide if he is a real or imaginary character?  Draw what you think he looked like. Would you like to meet him?

Finn McCool Traditional Tales

Giant's Causeway Story Giant's Causeway Story

You might see him in the Giant's Causeway near Portrush next time you visit!

Fun Facts about the Giant's Causeway

Here is the next song in our Jack and the Beanstalk series...sing along!

I am the Golden Hen Song

Try this action song about Jack and the Giant - move your body to match the characters!

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Here are some little ideas which you may enjoy doing. They link in with the David and Goliath Bible story we heard.

Until next time - take care and keep up the great work everyone.  We are so proud of you all!

Hello Year 1 - Wednesday 13th May

I hope you have fun with some of the growing activities this week.  There are lots more 'Jack and the Beanstalk' adventures to find out about over the next few days. The photos of your work and adventures are great - Miss Crawford and I love to see what you are all up to!  Well done those who have been keeping their 5 A-DAY fruit and vegetable chart...we will put up some photos when you email them to us. 

Let's learn some more letter and word work

Our letter focus today is y and z. Sometimes the letter 'y' plays tricks with its sound at the end of words but we will think of the sound it makes at the beginning of some words.  'z' is a letter we do not see very often in words. Think about the sound and how to write (don't forget to look up Jolly Phonics on YouTube to hear the songs)

 y booklet complete.pdfDownload
 z booklet complete.pdfDownload
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Here are some more sentences to go over reminding us of our important key words we want to be able to recognize in our reading.  Don't forget to keep looking at some of the e-books online (see reading e-book guide on 20/04/20)

 Sight word sentences 10.docxDownload
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Our new key words to focus on today are - so and go. See if you can find them in any of your books 

 go sight word pratice page.docxDownload
 so go word work.docxDownload
 so sight word pratice page.docxDownload
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Our 'Jack and the Beanstalk' topic continues and today we focus on castles! I can't wait! I remember being so excited as a little girl when my family went to visit castles,,,I think my favourite one is Dunluce near Portrush. Have you ever seen a castle? Sometimes we read about castles in stories - do you remember the time we read Cinderella...she went to live in a castle when she married the prince.  Well Jack got such a surprise when he found a castle at the top of his huge beanstalk.... Here are some literacy tasks for you to work on....

 castles ppt.pptDownload
 label the castle.docxDownload
 parts of a castle picture.docxDownload
 sandcastle building.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 1.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 2.docxDownload
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Listen to the stories, one is about Eric a brave Knight and the other about a girl called Lola who built a sandcastle.

A Brave Knight

The Sandcastle that Lola built

Our Numeracy focus will be on shapes - why not design and build a castle of your own!  Send us some pictures of your masterpieces - you could draw a castle / use 2D shapes to design a castle / use blocks to print a castle picture / use lego or construction toys to build a castle / use junk material to build a castle / or why not if you have a sand tray build a super sandcastle structure!  What a choice! Mrs Cowan's favourite castle activity in school is to paint a mono-print castle - she paints the table with grey paint (I know it's messy but fun!) then with her finger she draws a castle in the paint. Next she gets a page and sets it on top and hey presto she has a castle mono-print picture! 

 addition within 10 write the sum.docxDownload
 castle shapes.docDownload
 counting activity ideas.docxDownload
 how many sides on shapes.pdfDownload
 J & B addition codes.pdfDownload
 J & B addition to 10.pdfDownload
 shape pizza.docxDownload
 shape quiz.pdfDownload
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I like this idea of how to make a castle number line - you can use a lego character etc to count forwards for addition sums and count backwards for takeaway sums. Get someone to call out a sum and you can carefully jump your 'knight' up or down the number line to match. You could then have a go and write down the sum when you work out the answer.

Enjoy listening to this addition counting song

Addition Counting Song

Here is the next song in our Jack and the Beanstalk series and today's is called 'Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum', and one about who lives in a castle. Enjoy!

 Jack and the Beanstalk song 

Castle song - Who lives in a Castle?


Our Fun Friday activity this week is a shape scavenger hunt. Get an adult to help you read the clues then go looking! Keep an look out for lots of different shapes all around you.

 shape scavenger hunt.docxDownload
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Well done for all those who signed up to the Virtual Sport's Day challenge! Good job! If you are still interested in joining please register before Monday 18th. Looking forward to next time we 'meet' on-line. Have fun with all these work tasks - you are doing a brilliant job so just keep it up! Have fun and keep safe. Lots of love from Miss Douglas, Miss Crawford, Mrs Cowan and Mrs McMahon .....Missing you all xx

The Year 1 crew have had a lot to do!  We are super impressed to see all the things you have been up to at home and so proud of you all!

Good Morning Year 1 - Monday 11th May 

I hope you all have had a great weekend. Maybe you were playing in the garden and found some mini-beasts or planting flowers and vegetables? Today our work will be based around growing............I don't think my vegetables will grow as tall as Jack's beanstalk!

First we will look at some letter, sound and word work.

Today our letter focus is on w and x. Remember to learn the matching sound as well as how to write the letter. Say 'x' as in 'kiss', say it softly: fox in a box / Go for a 'w' walk - I wonder how many 'w' words you will find on your wander?

 w booklet complete.pdfDownload
 x booklet complete.pdfDownload
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Together we have been learning some very important key words so we know them when we see them in our reading.  Let's go over the last ten we have been looking at. You can write them our, put them in a sentence, make them with magnetic letters, find them in books....

 Group 3 key words bingo activities.docxDownload
 group 3 key words page.docxDownload
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Here are some sentences using key words we can recognize by sight. Have a go and read them.

 Sight word sentences 9.docxDownload
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Here are some literacy focus tasks all about our theme of growing.

 A_Sunflower_Story PP.pptDownload
 Shared reading Beanstalk poem.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 1.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 2.docxDownload
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Jasper thought he would plant a beanstalk in Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen's book. Have a read to see what happened

Jasper's Beanstalk Story

 Growth of a bean picture cards.docxDownload
 Jasper's Beanstalk.docxDownload
 What do plants need to grow match.docxDownload
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Find out more about parts of a plant and the life cycle from seed to a flower in these video clips

Parts of a plant

From Seed to a Flower

One of my favourite stories for this topic is 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle.  I love finding out about the journey of the seeds. I hope you like it too!

The Tiny Seed Story

 SequencingTinySeed Activity.pdfDownload
 The Tiny Seed cut and stick.docxDownload
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These Numeracy tasks focus on height, measuring, comparing and ordering.

 beanstalk measuring.docxDownload
 counting challenges - higher and lower.docxDownload
 heights of animals.docxDownload
 measuring beanstalks ordinal numbers.docxDownload
 taller or smaller than me.docxDownload
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Here are some links to BBC Bitesize 


Ordinal Numbers Song

We have enjoyed all the Jack and the Beanstalk songs - this one today is called 'And he went higher!' Sing along

'And he went Higher' song

This PDMU link helps us remember that we are always growing too ...just like Jack's beanstalk


Thank you everyone for working so hard.  Take care and see you again on Wednesday!

Hello Year 1 - Wednesday 6th May 

I hope you and all your family are keeping well and you are ready to get going with some more activities.  As usual we will start with some letter and word work.  Let's have a look over Jolly Phonics set 3 sounds to remind ourselves of each individual sound - remember to learn how to write them as well as sound them out. g o u f l b You can listen to songs on YouTube of all the sounds. Remember you don't have to print out everything - you can talk about the tasks, 'show and tell' on the screen or copy out the answers....whatever is best for you. 

 JP set 3 sounds.docxDownload
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Here are some more sight word sentences to help reinforce important key words we have already looked at 

 Sight word sentences 8.docxDownload
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Our key word focus is was and are

 are sight word pratice page.docxDownload
 was are word work.docxDownload
 was sight word pratice page.docxDownload
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Click to have some fun with Alphablocks as they use sounds to work out words - help them blend the sound together. Click to link

our work today will focus on vegetables. We know the Jack and the Beanstalk story is all about beans. I love eating favourite is runner beans but I also love broad beans, baked beans, butter beans, kidney beans.....such a lot of beans! Do you have a favourite bean? Jack's beanstalk sure did grow so tall! At this time of year lots of things are growing in our gardens.  I wonder what is growing in yours?  Listen to the story of the turnip which grew and grew .... I think you will be able to listen out for lots of rhyming words.

 The_enormous_turnip PPoint.pptDownload
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I have been planting things in my garden...I hope they grow! This week I planted some vegetables - spinach and beetroot...they are not the size of Jack's beanstalk yet but maybe some day!

A little boy called Oliver finds out all about vegetables in our story. Have a listen....

Oliver's Vegetables

In the story Oliver ate different vegetables each day of the week.  Listen to the Days of the Week song.

Days of the Week Song

I have an idea - could you make out a chart for every day of the week? - add words or pictures of fruit and vegetables to show me what you eat/drink....remember 5 a day! Why don't you email your chart to me so I can see it.

Here are some literacy ideas for activities you can do about our story and the theme of growing.

 cvc words 2.docxDownload
 Fruit and vegetables.docxDownload
 label the vegetables.docxDownload
 Olivers-Vegetables story grid.pdfDownload
 unmuddle sentence 1.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 2.docxDownload
 where do fruits and veg grow info ppt.pptxDownload
 where do fruits and vegs grow.docxDownload
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Jack's beanstalk grew very fast...his beans were special!  If I planted a bean it would take a long time to grow. Watch the video of a bean growing (it has been put on fast forward to see what happens!) May be you could grow a bean...or if you have no beans try a carrot top in a saucer of water.  Watch and see what happens!

Growing a bean  - time-lapse video clip

Growing a bean experiment

Listen to the story about colourful fruit

Rainbow Salad

Remember our Jack and the Beanstalk songs  - here is another one called 

Listen to the next one called...'And the Beanstalk Grew' ....sing along!

Here are some art ideas - why don't you have a go? 

Here are some Numeracy challenges for you - lots of counting, pattern work, games, adding together and takeaway ideas. Have fun!

 5 plump beans take away.docDownload
 Bean colour patterns.pdfDownload
 challenges for at home.pdfDownload
 count and colour the beans.pdfDownload
 fruit roll and colour activity.pdfDownload
 olivers veg addition to 10.pdfDownload
 olivers vegtables addition to 20.pdfDownload
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Try to sort out all the fruit and vegetables in your cupboards / fridge (don't forget to ask mum and dad first....and wash your hands before you touch food!) Here are some photographs to help you sort them in different ways - Please take a photo of your super sorting into sets - I would love to see how you did it!

Thanks for all the hard work you are doing (kids and parents!)

Enjoy your long bank holiday weekend everyone....if you are out in the garden and want a 'Fun Friday' challenge have a look to see what minibeasts you can find. I hope they don't eat my vegetables! Remember you are like the big giant...they are only little 'mini' a gentle giant and take care of them!  

 Minibeast nature spotters.pdfDownload
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Good morning Year 1 - Monday 4th May

Hope you all had a great weekend are are now ready for some more activities.

Thank you to everyone who sent us photos of their beanstalks...don't they look great!


Our letter focus today continues the set 3 Jolly Phonics sounds - l and b. You can listen to songs on YouTube of all the sounds. Remember you don't have to print out everything - you can talk about the tasks, 'show and tell' on the screen or copy out the answers....whatever is best for you. 

 b booklet complete.pdfDownload
 l booklet complete.pdfDownload
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Here are some more sight word sentences to help reinforce important key words

 Sight word sentences 7.docxDownload
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Our word focus today is to and do

 do sight word pratice page.docxDownload
 to do word work.docxDownload
 to sight word pratice page.docxDownload
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Our Jack and the Beanstalk topic continues and today we will think about animals.  Can you remember the animals in the story? Let's find out some more about lots of different animals, their characteristics, their habitats, life cycles.....and so much more...let's go! 

 look at the little calf.docxDownload
 Shared reading Big Red Hen poem.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 1.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 2.docxDownload
 what food comes from animals.docxDownload
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There are lots of different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk - some say he took the giant's hen and some say it was a goose.  We could even change it again to our very own Year 1 ostrich - he has been missing you all and wanted to say a big 'hello' to you! 

hello year 1...remember me?
hello year 1...remember me?

Let's find out about the life cycle of a hen.  You could even make your own life cycle picture.

 Chicken Life Cycle PP.pptxDownload
 Life cycle of a hen.docxDownload
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The hen laid a golden egg in our story.  Let's think about what other animals lay eggs... click on the links to find out more.

What animals lay eggs?

Animals that hatch from eggs

What comes from an egg?

Link to zoo websites - check out the webcams to see what the animals are up to.

Elephants at Dublin Zoo

Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo

Animals live in lots of different places all over the world. Different animals need different habitats.

Animal habitats

Everyone needs a home song

 where do I live.docxDownload
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Here are 2 books to read and talk about - 

Fun on the Farm

Goodnight Baby Animals

I hope you are enjoying our Jack and the Beanstalk songs - last week we learnt 'What shall we do? when Jack and his mum had no money. This week we will learn one called 'Jack went to market' Sing along!

Jack went to market song


We have discovered lots of animals lay eggs - let's collect some information about how we like to eat our eggs.  Record and discover what you have learnt.

 How do you like to eat your eggs .docxDownload
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Thanks everyone for all your hard work.  Good job Year 1.....You are all superstars!

Hello Year 1. Wednesday 29th April 2020

How are you all?  I hope you enjoyed all the 'Whatever Next' story activities.  Good job for working so hard!  Remember you don't have to print out everything - you can talk about the tasks, 'show and tell' on the screen or copy out the answers....whatever is best for you. 

Today we have some sound focus tasks using the letters u and f. If you need to go over these sounds these pages will help and the beginning sounds page goes over lots of sounds you might already know...have a go!

 beginning sounds.pdfDownload
 f booklet complete.pdfDownload
 u booklet complete (2).pdfDownload
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Here are some more sight word sentences to help reinforce frequent key words

 Sight word sentences 6.docxDownload
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Our word focus is be and see.  Try these tasks to reinforce these common words so when you see them in your reading you will know them.  The Roll, Read and Write die game will encourage writing some words in the same rhyming word family. Whatever number you get , find out what word to write. Have fun!

 be see word work.docxDownload
 be sight word pratice page.docxDownload
 see sight word pratice page.docxDownload
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These next activities will help remind us all about rhyming words and beginning sounds

 Learning Resources Rhyming and beginning sounds activity book.pdfDownload
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Our new topic for Year 1 for the month of May is 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.  I hope you are excited about all the work we will do all about it...I know we are! We will be exploring lots of things in this story together.  Let's find out more about the story and the characters.... click the link below to hear the story or the document is a PowerPoint of the story...take your pick!

Clink here to go to the' Jack and the Beanstalk'  story told on YouTube 

 story ppt jack and the beanstalk.pptxDownload
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Here are some literacy focused tasks you can do all about the story.......choose the ones that suit you best. Enjoy!

 All about Jack grid.docxDownload
 cvc word game 1.docxDownload
 J & B story grid.pdfDownload
 Jack and the Beanstalk Character Profile.docxDownload
 put these words into a sentence.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 1.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 2.docxDownload
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Jack went on lots of journeys - to market and up the beanstalk.  I went on a walk can you see all the numbers I saw...take a look!  Help Jack learn to count  - he will need to know how to count all his money! Click on the documents and follow the links for some numeracy challenges.

 number walk photos.docxDownload
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In Year 1 we love to sing songs - we will be learning lots of songs together all about our Jack and the Beanstalk story - click and listen to this one called 'What shall we do?'

Fun Friday is just around the corner.  Here are some suggestions for art activities to get us all creative!  Can you make a beanstalk? You can draw, build, print, design....whatever you like.  Look at the pictures to give you some ideas.

You can send your finished art work to (only put your first name on your work as we will add an art gallery of all your work to the website. Can't wait to see them!

Have a good weekend everyone and we will see you all back again on Monday.  Take care, keep safe and be good!  Miss Douglas and Miss Crawford xx

Good Morning Year 1. Monday 27th April 2020

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Did you have go at our Fun Friday 'Name that Flower' and garden 'spring hunt' challenge?  I love looking at all the different flowers when I am out for my walk.  A huge thank you to everyone who sent their spring mind-map pictures....such brilliant work!

Miss Crawford and I have some more work for you to do.

Our letter focus sound activities are g and o: if your child is not confident to recognize and write these reinforcement pages may help.  You can go onto YouTube and listen to the Jolly Phonics sounds and songs for each letter.

 g sound booklet complete.pdfDownload
 o booklet complete.pdfDownload
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Here are some more sight word sentences to help reinforce frequent key words

 Sight word sentences 5.docxDownload
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Our word focus is we and me (the 'e' changes its sound at the end of these words to 'eeee' )

 me sight word pratice page.docxDownload
 we me word work.docxDownload
 we sight word pratice page.docxDownload
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Have you ever thought of going on a journey into space?  Well in our  story today that's exactly what little bear wanted to do...... Out topic today is based on the book 'Whatever Next'. We hope you enjoying doing some of the tasks about bear and his space travel adventures! 

To listen and watch Jill Murphy's Whatever Next story you can click here to link to YouTube

Here are a selection of Literacy tasks based on the story for you to do.

 astronauts have are can.docxDownload
 Shared reading Alien in space poem.docxDownload
 teaching ideas linked to the Whatever Next story.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 1.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence 2.docxDownload
 Whatever Next story grid.docxDownload
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Listen to these 2 songs about astronauts zooming into space - 

5 Little Astronauts

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, we are going to the Moon

Here are some Numeracy activities for you to complete

 counting ideas.docxDownload
 number activities.docxDownload
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Enjoy this Counting to 20 song - Click here to link

What about making a paper aeroplane to see how far it can fly?  Aim at a score chart to see if you can get it through the hole.  Can anyone else in your family beat your score? 

Follow this link to see how to make a paper aeroplane

If you love making things fly have a go at making some paper straw rockets - all you need is paper, straws and a little sellotape....oh and some puff!!  Remember to stand at the same starting point to see how far your rocket zooms each time it takes off......321 blastoff!

Link to making Straw rockets

Have fun everyone with all those tasks....keep well and see you on Wednesday for some more!

Hello Year 1!  Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good job everyone for working so hard with all your work.  A big pat on the back for you! You can give one to the adult who helped you.

Miss Crawford and I have been busy doing our 'signs of spring' mind-maps. Have a look at ours to see if you had any ideas the same as us.

Now that home learning has commenced online here is our contact c2k email addresses 

In the unprecedented circumstances we face, unfortunately we will not be able to mark all set work and give pupil feedback that normally occurs in the life a classroom. Only work requested by the teacher will be required to be forwarded via the teacher school e-mail address. If you do not wish or it does not suit you to send work, there is no obligation to do so.

Please feel free to email any spring mindmaps to Miss Douglas - I would love to see your ideas

Watch this spring PowerPoint to learn more about the season of spring.

Why don't you do these tasks below for our Fun Friday challenge. Enjoy!

 Name that flower.docxDownload
 spring hunt.pdfDownload
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Here are some literacy activities focusing on important key words

 he she word work.docxDownload
 Sight word sentences 3.docxDownload
 Sight word sentences 4.docxDownload
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Our theme today is all about the Jez Alborough story 'Duck in a Truck'.  Its one of my favourites - listen to the story in the link below

Have a go at some of these Duck and a Truck activities

 Duck in a truck cloze sentences.docxDownload
 have a go stories.docxDownload
 rhyming animal sentence strips.docDownload
 The Duck in the Truck guess animal PP.pptxDownload
 unmuddle sentence.docxDownload
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Other Jez Alborough books are available if you enjoyed this one. Look up some of these titles to see other adventures the duck gets up to.

Listen to this song about '5 Little Ducks' who love to go swimming

Click here to listen

Help duck do these number tasks

  • use your feed to waddle like a duck and walk around your house.  Count how many duck steps it takes you to get from room to room.  Remember to start at the same place every time so you can compare.  Which room took less steps? / which room took more steps?
  • Get a toy truck or other vehicles (if you have none use a piece of lego etc.) and measure how far it can go. Look at the picture to give you an idea of how it works.  Remember to hold the tube at different heights to see if it makes a difference (you can use a short or a long tube)
 colour by number truck.docxDownload
 five-little-ducks--color in pgs.pdfDownload
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We love learning new facts - listen to this and you might learn new things all about ducks

Duck Facts Story 

National Geographic Duck Facts Story

If you feel creative why don't you make a duck swimming int the water - this picture will help you.  You can use a paper plate (or just a circle of paper), colour in the plate to make it look like water and sky. Cut a slit in the middle and attach a duck to a lollipop stick.  Now help your duck to go for a swim.

Morning everyone! Monday 20th April 2020

Please read the letter below explaining some of our outlined activities for today and tomorrow.

 letter to explain work tasks for Mon 20th April.docxDownload
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This is a reading e-book guide to help extend your home library!  Happy Reading

 Reading e book guide.docxDownload
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These activities below focus on key words - his and her. Please keep looking over all the others you have to help reinforce.

 her sight word page.docxDownload
 his or her - fill in the word.docxDownload
 his sight word page.docxDownload
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Enjoy these literacy focus tasks

 larry lamb literacy page.docxDownload
 Shared reading Larry lamb poem.docxDownload
 Sight word sentences 1.docxDownload
 Sight word sentences 2.docxDownload
 unmuddle sentence.docxDownload
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The activities below focus on Numeracy - numbers and data handling

 Larry skips up the number line.docxDownload
 missing number grid.docxDownload
 number colour and order 0-10.docxDownload
 Weather watchers grid and questions.docxDownload
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Spring has sprung!  These WAU lessons help us focus on the seasonal changes in our environment

 label parts of a plant.docxDownload
 Signs of Spring.docxDownload
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As many of Year 1 know I am a fan of Julia Donaldson. Via her Gruffalo Facebook page she is doing some weekly readings of some of books with the help of illustrator Axel Scheffler - have a look