Meet Miss Roke's Year 7 Class

Meet Mrs Donaghy's Year 7 Class

Look who's having a

BLAST in Year 7!!

Our Year 7 Topics are:


Reach for the Skies    

Image of Astronomy Clipart Astronomy Clip Art

Fair Enough

Fairtrade - Fair Trade Clipart (948x948), Png Download

Life is a Journey

The Titanic - Book Clipart (900x900), Png Download


As part of our topic 'Reach for the Skies' we have been researching about shadows.  We had to work as part of a team to carry out our experiment.  We found the results fascinating!!!

Congratulations to everyone in Year 7 who took part in our Spellathon.  A big thank you to those who supported our event. 

'A Day at the Races'

Image result for horse clipart gif

Year 7 pupils enjoyed learning about probability.

Year 7 pupils had to design, make and evaluate their Halloween hats.  They were all hat-astic!!!

The Year 7 classes had a great time with Joanne from Sentinus.  We had to engineer our own helicopter and rockets to launch.  We had amazing fun while we were learning!!

Christmas Dinner!

Year 7 had a yummy time!!! A big thank you to all our kitchen staff!!!

Songs from the Shows

Congratulations to our KS2 pupils on all their hard work!  Everyone was a SUPER STAR!!!

animated-santa-claus-image-0292Santa Claus at Edwardsanimated-santa-claus-image-0292

Christmas Jumper Day

Beauty and the Beast 

Grand Opera House Trip

Year 7 Young Entrepreneurs

Make £5 Grow! 

A huge congratulations to all our Year 7 pupils for taking part in 'Make £5 Grow'.  For the last few weeks we have been busy working in teams brainstorming business ideas and getting our products ready for sale.  Thank you to everyone who visited and supported our stalls and to those who give us donations of items or sponsorship.


Money collected was used to fund Year 7 swimming lessons.