Welcome to Year 6!

Our topics are:

The Circle of Life

East Meets West

Let's Make it Better

Meet the gang....

Look at what we have been up to...

We investigated the life cycle of a butterfly. We watched caterpillars grow and transform into a chrysalis.

Then eventually they emerged from their chrysalis as a butterfly! It was incredible!

We made the most of the sunny weather and went on a noun hunt around the school. We are noun experts in Year 6!


Year 6 investigated how to make a volcano erupt using vinegar and baking soda, look at the amazing results! Well done everyone.

Playground Games

By Year 6

Year 6 have been busy creating inclusive playground games for anti-bullying week. We had lots of fun trying out and evaluating games. Check us out!

Watch out for the Viking longships!

Year 6 have been learning about the Victorious Vikings. Look at these amazing Viking longships which they have created. Wow! They are so impressive, well done everyone. 

Santa made a special visit to Edwards!

What an entrance! Santa arrived at Edwards not in his sleigh but in a horse and carriage ridden by his elves! He even left us a special treat. Thank you Santa!

Viking Longship Investigation!

Year 6 has lots of fun investigating whether a Viking longship would fit into our playground. We each made our prediction and then measured the playground using trundle wheels to find out the answer.

We found out a Viking longship would fit into our playground. However, we would rather the Vikings didn't visit after finding out how fierce they were!

Take a look at some of our fantastic displays....