Year 5 2019/2020

We are one in a minion!

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In Year 5 we will be learning about....

Reaching Out


Tomb Detectives

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This term our topic is 'Reaching Out' so far we have been learning all about bridges and structures around the world. 

Joanne from SENTINUS came in to do some exciting activities with us, we made a tall structure using marshmallows and pasta and we also made bridges out of paper.  It was great fun!

We are learning how bridges and structures are made - types of materials/ forces/ shapes.

Our Magnet Hunt...

Allstate Cyber Safety for kids.

We had a visit from Allstate, they gave us a talk all about Cyber Safety, it was very interesting!  We all know how to be extra safe on the internet.


We went to St Patrick's Primary School and had a great time with our friends.  The theme was all about 'Bridges', we made bridges out of K'nex and we played a variety of games, 'bridging' us all together as friends.  It was great fun!

Our Bridge Walk

We went on a walk all around Castlederg to find 'Bridges and Structures'.  In total we found 6 bridges and we got to see the Cenotaph and the railway station.

Christmas Fun at Edwards 2019!

We had lot's of fun eating our Christmas dinner, putting on our Christmas shows , seeing Santa and our Christmas jumper party day!

Our Grand Opera House trip.

We went to see Beauty and the Beast, it was fantastic!

We had a visitor from Cancer Focus NI, he told us all about how to keep safe in the sun!

Our Class Assembly

Country File

Throughout this topic we have learnt lot's of new information about the countryside, birds, farm animals and different types of farming.  We carried out the RSPB Bird watch and had a visit from Lynn Greer talking to us about birds - it was very interesting!

Year 5 Farm Projects

Fantastic projects everyone!  I loved each one and how you all used recyclable materials and things you had at home. 

We love PE!!

Numeracy Fun....

Pancake Tuesday

Miss Baxter made us all yummy pancakes.

Verse Speaking

Well done everyone you were all fantastic at saying your poem.

World Book Day - Diversity Day

On World Book Day this year we had a diversity theme, we thought about different disabilities and people from other countries.  Miss Baxter gave us a few activities to do to experience what it would be like to wear a hearing aid, a pair of glasses or to sit in a wheel chair.  We also read stories to Year 1, it was great fun!