Our Year 4 topics are:


  • Mighty Me

  • Let's Celebrate

  • Polar Explorers

  • Bright Sparks

  • School's Cool 

Meet our Year 4 Pupils

Flat Stanley

Year 4 have enjoyed reading our class novel 'Flat Stanley'.  We have posted him off to friends or family so they can take him on more adventures.  We can't wait to hear back about what Stanley got up to!!!

Our Senses

As part of our topic 'Mighty Me' we have been learning about the senses.  We had great fun trying to guess what the smell was!!!!! 

Year 4 get Inspired by Pablo Picasso

Year 4 enjoyed learning about Pablo Picasso.  We used a mixture of primary and secondary colours to create our own unique piece of art.

Self Portraits

We have been exploring portraits in art.  First we studied the proportions of the human face before adding the features that make us unique!! 

Our class read all about 'Doodle Boy' and how he decorated a restaurant wall.  We went on a nature walk and did a doodle on some of our favourite leaves!!

Houses of Parliament

We were learning about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot.  We created pictures using chalk.

Fing Designs

Year 4 are reading the novel 'Fing' by David Walliams.  They were challenged to design what they thought a 'Fing' was.

Sweaters for Simon

Thank you to Year 4 for supporting our charity this year 'Sweaters for Simon'.  We enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers!!

Christmas Hamper Winners!

Santa Merry Christmas GIF - Santa MerryChristmas Dab - Discover & Share GIFs

Santa Visits Edwards

Christmas Dinner!

A big thank you to our dinner ladies.  Our Christmas dinner was super delicious!!!

Christmas Activities at Home

Year 4 had the best homework ever this week!!!  Well done everyone getting into the festive spirit!!

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What a great ending to our first week back in school!! Year 4 have had a brilliant week playing with their friends, learning new things and having fun!!!

Great Happy Easter Animated Gifs | Happy easter banner, Easter wishes  pictures, Happy easter sign

Wishing everyone a safe and fun Easter break!!!

Ditch the Dark Day

We had a great day in Year 4 celebrating Ditch the Dark Day.  Well done everyone for dressing brightly!!!  We explored electricity safety, road safety and lots more!!! 

Year 4 Sports Day 2021

Well done to everyone in Year 4 for doing your best at our Sports Day.  I was really proud of EVERYONE!!!

We even had time for a treat with our friends!!

Year 4 find out what school life was like in the Victorian times!

We had great fun having a Victorian day as part of our topic School's Cool.  We did some writing using slates and ink pens as well as learning some needle work.  We enjoyed playing some Victorian games.   

Outdoor Maths

Year 4 have been making the most of the good weather.  We have enjoyed orienteering and doing maths trail activities!

Streetwise Workshop

Year 4 had a brilliant time learning some circus skills!!!

Fun Friday!!!

Stefan kept us all busy with his fun games!!!  We had great fun!!!

Well done!!!

Well done to everyone for taking part in the Daily Mile Challenge and the Aviva Athletics Scheme!!!