Year 2 Miss Foster


We are currently learning 3 letter words (CVC words) and these will be sent home after half term for Spellings and Tables homework. We will soon be moving on to 4 letter words (CVCC and CCVC words).

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Meet the fantastic, fabulous, friendly, funny bunch of Year 2s.

Play time

We made number lines on the playground using natural materials found in the forest. It was lots of fun!

Climb, balance, climb.....Year 2 were reaching for the stars and being very brave with their climbing skills. They navigated their way around the obstacle courses. Lots of fantastic gymnastic work and careful balancing - well done everyone!

We are lucky to have Avril from Debutots for 5 weeks of singing, dancing, drama and stories. Avril is focusing on different senses - this week was a focus on sight and Mr Mole who lost his Thingamewotsits.

Week 2 with Avril from Debutots which focused on learning about the importance of smell and the Stinkysaurus. I think the dinosaur stomp was a favourite!

Week 3 with Avril focused on hearing and listening with Eleanor the Elephant stories. Don't forget to click the link below to receive more activities from Avril at Debutots about the stories each week.

Message from Avril:

We are delighted that your little one is benefiting from our Debutots classes at Edwards Primary SchoolTo keep you more up to date we have an exciting contact system. Each week you will receive an email from us giving you information about that week’s story and class. Not only that, we will also send a lovely original colouring sheet, a word search, a craft activity for you to do with your child, if you wish, as well as some suggested questions to ask your little one about the story they have enjoyed.

Please click on the following link and fill in your details so that we can share all of this with you:

Week 4 with Avril focused on touch. There was a story about Tactilly who wanted something soft, sticky and wet for Queen Tacticus' Touch Tournament. We had lots of fun joining in with the words and actions. Check us out!

We went on our scarecrow walk to find out what other classes did for the scarecrow competition. Don't they all look great! We especially love Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay - our very own scarecrow wedding.

Year 2 had a fantastic time on our trip to 'Castle Play Park' as part of our 'Play Pals' topic. We read Shark in the Park and pretended to be Timothy Pope, looking through his telescope. We found lots of things that push and things that pull. We explored gravity.

Timothy Pope, Timothy Pope is looking through his telescope. He looks at the sky, he looks at the ground. He looks left and right. And this is what he sees. Timothy cries, "THERE'S A SHARK IN THE PARK!"