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We are currently learning 3 letter words (CVC words) and these will be sent home after half term for Spellings and Tables homework. We will soon be moving on to 4 letter words (CVCC and CCVC words).

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Meet the fantastic, fabulous, friendly, funny bunch of Year 2s.

Play time

We made number lines on the playground using natural materials found in the forest. It was lots of fun!

Climb, balance, climb.....Year 2 were reaching for the stars and being very brave with their climbing skills. They navigated their way around the obstacle courses. Lots of fantastic gymnastic work and careful balancing - well done everyone!

We are lucky to have Avril from Debutots for 5 weeks of singing, dancing, drama and stories. Avril is focusing on different senses - this week was a focus on sight and Mr Mole who lost his Thingamewotsits.

Week 2 with Avril from Debutots which focused on learning about the importance of smell and the Stinkysaurus. I think the dinosaur stomp was a favourite!

Week 3 with Avril focused on hearing and listening with Eleanor the Elephant stories. Don't forget to click the link below to receive more activities from Avril at Debutots about the stories each week.

Message from Avril:

We are delighted that your little one is benefiting from our Debutots classes at Edwards Primary SchoolTo keep you more up to date we have an exciting contact system. Each week you will receive an email from us giving you information about that week’s story and class. Not only that, we will also send a lovely original colouring sheet, a word search, a craft activity for you to do with your child, if you wish, as well as some suggested questions to ask your little one about the story they have enjoyed.

Please click on the following link and fill in your details so that we can share all of this with you:

Week 4 with Avril focused on touch. There was a story about Tactilly who wanted something soft, sticky and wet for Queen Tacticus' Touch Tournament. We had lots of fun joining in with the words and actions. Check us out!

We went on our scarecrow walk to find out what other classes did for the scarecrow competition. Don't they all look great! We especially love Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay - our very own scarecrow wedding.

Year 2 had a fantastic time on our trip to 'Castle Play Park' as part of our 'Play Pals' topic. We read Shark in the Park and pretended to be Timothy Pope, looking through his telescope. We found lots of things that push and things that pull. We explored gravity.

Timothy Pope, Timothy Pope is looking through his telescope. He looks at the sky, he looks at the ground. He looks left and right. And this is what he sees. Timothy cries, "THERE'S A SHARK IN THE PARK!"

We had a special visit from Geraldine, Castlederg Library, to tell us some Halloween and Autumn stories.

Year 2 predicted and carried out an experiment to test out the best material for a play house. We tested tin, plastic and wood to find out which were waterproof and windproof.

Check out our play parks made out of junk materials and other crafts. We were so proud of our models and couldn't wait to take them home.

Spider biscuit fun maths

We used 2D shapes to make pictures. We had to think carefully about the shapes we used and represented this on our whiteboards.

Lots of gymnastics, balancing and group work going on in the PE hall. Well done Year 2!

We were so lucky to get Avril back to school again to teach and remind us about the importance of reduce, reuse and recycle, and the things we should and shouldn't do to look after our environment. 

Check out the concentration on these faces as we had a go at making our own pull toys using wooden rods, straws, bottle tops and recycled materials.

Year 2 did it...we completed 2 laps of the playground for our festive Friday 'Northern Ireland does the Daily Mile Santa Run'. Our favourite part was running with the Year 7s who motivated and encouraged us all the way around. Thank you!

A special Christmas party with Avril from Debutots, featuring Santa and Rudolph who we enjoyed petting and giving high fives to. There was lots of drama, dancing and catching bubbles at the end. Year 2 had great fun with the bubble machine.

Christmas Dinner 2021

Bring a toy to school day

We had fun talking about and playing with our toys today. We investigated how each other's toys worked and discussed the different reasons for receiving toys. We shared our toys with our friends.

Year 2 Christmas Performance 2021

Featuring a very busy and grumpy innkeeper

And the other stars of the show 

Check out our amazing Dear Dinosaur letters that we sent to a T-Rex in America. We were inspired by the story and all the letters inside that Max and T-Rex exchanged. We are learning about question words and question marks (a few still to finish).

We are enjoying our Long long Ago topic and have been sharing dinosaur stories. This was one of the favourites - Dinosaurs Love Underpants. We designed our own pair of pants and wrote about our design.

Well that was exciting! We are learning about animals that lay eggs. We know that some dinosaurs laid eggs. It was a good idea to put our egg in warm water to keep it warm. We waited for 3 days and watched as the egg hatched open. How cute is our new baby dino friend!

We are palaeontologists. Year 2 had fun pretending to dig for fossils in rock. We guessed how many 'bones' we would find and enjoyed eating our findings at the end.

Verse Speaking 2022

Congratulations to all the pupils who took part in the Foundation Stage Verse Speaking Competition 2022. You were very brave standing up in front of the judge Rois and everyone else in the class to say your poem. Rois just couldn't believe how amazing you all were. She said that everyone in the class scored either 9, 9 and a half or 10 out of 10. Wow!

1st place - Ellie and Abbie

2nd place - Gaby, Alana and Sophie

3rd place - Jessica, Harrison and George

Foundation Stage winners who are sharing the cup - Ellie and Abbie

We were extremely lucky to have Avril back this week to teach us about Internet Safety!  

Congratulations to Ellie who took part in a Highland Dancing competition in February and won a gold and a silver medal. What a superstar!

World Book Day