Year 1

During the year we will be looking at a range of different topics :

Our Colourful World

When we go down to the woods...

Fabulous Fashion

On the Move

Jack and the Beanstalk

Under the Deep Blue Sea

Look at us, as cute as can be.

The Year 1 gang....including ME!

We are ready to learn, share and have fun and make new friends with everyone!


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We have been busy exploring our colour topic in class. Little Boy Blue was so noisy with his horn!  The 10 Green Bottles kept falling off the wall and Baa Baa Black Sheep was so kind to share all his wool. Have a look at some of the things we have been up too! 

Click on the rhyme below to sing along! 

We had lots of fun in the hall for PE. We were playing with our colourful hoops. They could twist and roll. Our favourite game was called ‘In, out, shake it all about’!

We enjoyed a story called ‘10 Black Dots’…..we made our own black dot pictures. I hope you like them.

Two of our favourite stories this week were ‘Little Mouse and the Big Red Apple’ and ‘The Crazy Coloured Chameleon’

We have been finding out all about a famous artist called Piet Mondrain. He loved to use straight lines and colours in his artwork. We hope you like our 'Mini Mondrain Masterpieces'!

Look at our colourful rainbows

We love to make colour patterns. Can you see our repeated patterns?

We heard some stories about Elmer the colourful patchwork elephant and have been busy having fun with some colourful activities.

Enjoy a read ….here are our lovely Elmer stories and pictures

Polly parrot is pretty. She is pink and purple. She sits on her perch.

We all had a fun day out on our adventure to Gortin Glen Forest Park. We loved the bus journey and had a long walk looking at all the autumn colours on the trees. We worked out clues about the animals and even saw a Gruffalo! After our lunch we had a visit to the play park. A few of us fell asleep on the way home after our big day out! 

Look what we made in Year 1 for the SCARECROW FESTIVAL ... we hope you like them! 

We had fun with Avril from Debutots. She told us a story and we acted it out. We had to move, dance, listen and act. Jacqueline from the library told us some stores.What a busy day in Year 1!

We had a fun colour party to bring ‘Our Colourful World’ topic to an end. We had lots of colourful jelly and treats! I wonder which colour of jelly was your favourite?

Join us on our adventures in our new topic….’When we go down to the woods’. Have a look at some of our activities about our favourite woodland character the Gruffalo

We went on a walk around school looking at all the shapes and colours of the leaves. 

On 12th November we celebrated World Kindness Day in Year 1. Lots of us were caught being kind! We designed and painted kindness rocks to give to someone special and we gave the money collected from our Crazy Hair and Silly Sock day to charity. 

In class we enjoyed a story called 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell.

Have a listen -

We thought we could be authors and write our own story. We called it 'The Little Scared Owl'. Have a look at our story. We hope you like it.

We have enjoyed a series of drama workshops with Avril from Debutots. She treated us to some seasonal rhymes and songs and a bubble party! It was great fun!

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We all enjoyed our Santa fun run today.

We were exhausted after 2 laps of the school grounds!

Here are a few of us at the finish line! Some were too fast for the camera! 

Yum, Yum…in my tum!
The cooks made a delicious Christmas dinner for us today… was scrummy! 

We have been getting creative for Christmas

Congratulations to our Christmas Hamper Raffle winners - In Year 1 we said a huge 'well done' to both Gareth and Grace.....I hope you share the delicious treats with your families! Enjoy

Guess who came to Edwards today!  Santa was having sleigh problems so he had to hitch a lift with an ice cream van. Thanks Santa for your delicious icecream treat! Yum

We have been very busy reading and writing words using our sound skills. We made a display of our words. 

Our topic for the new term is FABULOUS FASHION. We are exploring all about different types of clothes. Have a look at some of the activities we have been doing....

Look at our wonderful weaving! We have been finding out about tartan, we hope you like our designs!

We have been exploring measuring in class using our hands and feet as well as lots of different objects. Have a look at us in action...

We have been thinking about clothes from around the world. We read a story about a girl from Africa called Handa. She balanced fruit in a basket on her head. We had a go at balancing a basket of fruit on our heads, we counted how many pieces of fruit we had. It was good fun!

We have had a lot of fun listening to stories, balancing, designing and making our own hats

We had great fun being scientists exploring and experimenting all about waterproof materials. We did a test on different materials in the classroom and sorted them into sets. We also made puddle pictures with our waxy waterproof wellies!

We made wonderful woolly wrapped sheep…their colourful cosy coats will help keep them warm for winter!

We took part in our annual Verse Speaking competition today! Our poem was called 'Teddy Bear' and Rois thought we were all so great! Everyone stood up and said it in front of the whole class. We are very proud of each and everyone!  
First place was awarded to Grace P and Karter
Second place went to Farrah, Maddison and Grace S
Third place went to Poppy, Rebecca and Robbie

To finish off the term we all enjoyed wearing our cosy PJ's to school. We raised money for school funds and for charity. Well done everyone and thanks to the School Council team for organising such a great day! 

Well done Miley and Mollie for being runners up in the guess the name of the dog competition. Enjoy your Easter eggs! 

Happy Half term and Happy Valentines Day to all our Year 1 families

We celebrated Pancake Tuesday by reading stories about pancakes. We liked the one called 'If you give a Pig a Pancake'. We designed our own piggy pancakes....just like the story some got a bit sticky with syrup...and so did we! They were delicious. We had a pancake toss game and some of us caught it in our pan. 

Celebrating World Book 

Our 'On the Move' topic is all about travel and transport. We had a visit from Lorraine and she let us see her police car. We loved the flashing lights and the siren sound!

Thanks Lorraine for giving us all a book and some pencils! 

'On the Move' in action....

We heard a story called 'Roaring Rockets' and found out some space facts. We were astrounauts and even had a go at writing upside down as if we were floating in the spaceship with no gravity! 

We made models from recycled materials - there was a lot of thinking skills involved in or ambitious designs!

We had to programme Bee-Bot to move in different directions along to road. We had to think about his journey and the best route to get there! He was very obedient and followed our commands! 

Eli's dad brought his tractor to school today and we had a look to see all the different parts it had. He told us all about the jobs it helps him do on the farm.  We talked about how big and strong it is and the need to take care and keep safe near vehicles and machinery. 

Happy Mothers Day...we hope you like our beautiful blooms! 

As part our 'Creativity Week' are are enjoying lots of fun things. 

Ronan taught us how to play some drums. They are from Africa and are called 'djembe' drums. We had to beat out the notes and work together to make a tune....have a listen! 

Rois came to visit us and she did lots of fun interactive games, drama activities, some expressive poetry and of course music and dance...we had a great time!!

Daniel Mullan from the BBC Concert Orchestra came to vist us today with his violin. He travels the world to play and perform and we were delighted he came to share his love of music with us! 

Tom Sweeny entertained us all with his guitar and singing - we had to do lots of actions and join it! It was great fun

Avril and the Easter Bunny popped in and brought some bubble fun! We enjoyed the Easter stories and helped Avril do the actions to match. There are some nifty dance moves in Year 1!

We all took part in our Easter Fun Run organised by the School Council. The Easter Bunny hopped in to say 'well done' to everyone! He left us some chocolate egg treats! Yummy! 

Thanks so much Sammie-Leigh and Bailey-Ray for sharing your delicious Easter cake! It was sooooooo delicious! 

Look at our lovely Easter cards we designed! The colourful chicks are wishing you all a very 'Happy Easter'! 

We had fun decorating and rolling our boiled eggs today.