Meet Year 5


Mrs Maguire's Class

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 Miss Baxter's Class

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Lapathon for Learning


Lest We Forget

Miss Jack's Year 5 class led our Remembrance Assembly on Friday 10th November. We were also joined by Mr Burke from the Royal British Legion.

The West End comes to Castlederg

Meet some of the cast from Year 5 in our show


Survey of Castlederg ...  We went for a walk around 'Our Wee Town' and completed a survey of all the services.

Culture Quarter...  We had a visitor from the Culture Quarter, she talked to us about our identity and that we are all different but very important!  We had fun making the muddled up faces.

3D Models...  We loved making 3D models using the shapes.

                                                      Image result for merry christmas animation

      Grand Opera House... Peter Pan             Image result for peter pan

We had a great day out in Belfast.  The show was fantastic!

In PE we have been learning dance and we also had a go at playing rugby!  Great Fun!! Image result for smile

 Fun in the Snow Image result for snowman clipart

Bird Watch - We took part in the RSPB Bird Watch 2018.  In the school grounds the most birds we saw were crows!  We also saw a few sparrows, black birds and a great tit.  We enjoyed going to the Pet Store to see the birds and other pets and we enjoyed looking at all the birds nests.

                    Pancake Tuesday     Image result for pancake flipping animation                 

Lindsay Robb brought his 'Case' tractor in to show year 5 as part of our 'Country File' topic. He also talked to us about his job as a dairy farmer.

We had a special visit from Jack's sister Emma and their pet lamb Molly.  Molly is a Suffolk and is 4 weeks old.  Thank you Emma.

Verse Speaking

We all participated in Verse Speaking, well done everyone!  You were all fantastic.

World Book Day Fun....

We dressed up in our PJ's and brought our favourite books to school....

Enter text...

We read Year 3 their favourite story....

Miss Jack's class read stories to Year 2...

We carried out three Science investigations about our class novel - Charlotte's Web.


We had to find out why spiders don't stick to their web, how they can eat flies and how do spiders know if it is a fly or a predator disturbing their web!


We had great fun Image result for smiley face

Take a look at our fabulous farm projects...


Year 5 enjoyed taking part in a STEM lesson, where Joanne from 'Sentinus' taught us how to program robots and make them move in different directions.