Year 1

Here are some of the topics we will be learning all about this year in Year 1:

Our Colourful World

When we go down to the woods...

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Fabulous Fashion

On the Move

Jack and the Beanstalk

Under the Deep Blue Sea

  I'm in Edwards in Year 1 and it's lots of Fun!  

Look at us, as pretty as can be...have a look to find me!

In 'Our Colourful World' topic we met new friends....Rainbow Fish, Bright Stanley, Elmer, Brown Bear and a Crazy Coloured Chameleon, to name but a few!


Year 1 took part in our LAPATHON for LEARNING...we had great fun but our legs were tired!

We had a great day out in Gortin Forest Park.....we saw lots of signs of Autumn but could not find the Gruffalo anywhere!      


Year 1 took part in our annual Verse Speaking Competition. 

We had to say a poem called 'Falling Leaves'.  

We have been on lots of adventures with GOLDILOCKS

 and the THREE BEARS.  It has been lots of fun!

    Image result for 3 bears 

'A KING IS BORN' was the title of our annual Foundation Nativity play.  Such budding actors! A huge 'well done' to everyone for such a memorable performance! A proud moment for parents and teachers alike!


Who zoomed in to see us today?.......Yes Santa was here, on 2 wheels!

HO,HO, HO......and boy did he go! Thanks Santa xx